Artwork tasks for Lubuntu 13.10

Registered by Alexander Andjelkovic

Artwork tasks for Lubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander).

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Julien Lavergne
Lubuntu Artwork
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Lubuntu Artwork
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Proposed for saucy
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.09
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Alexander Andjelkovic

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=== GOALS FOR 13.10 ===

*) Finish Lubuntu Box icons.
*) Implement stock GTK icons (
*) Continue to polish the theme.

=== NOTES ===
Notes from the dev team : If you need a name of an icon, please set the task as BLOCKED, and add request for the name of the icon in the label of the task. We will try to answer you as fast as we can.


Work Items

Work items:
[frankbooth] Update the slideshow: DONE
[frankbooth] Wallpaper contest: DONE
[frankbooth] Update and complete panel icons: DONE
Toolbar icon for Simple Scan (/devices/scanner.svg): TODO
Toolbar icon for Xfburn (new data, toolbar & button): TODO
Toolbar icon for Xfburn (new audio, toolbar & button): TODO
Toolbar icon for Xfburn (blank cdrw, toolbar & button): TODO
Toolbar icon for Xfburn (burn image, toolbar & button): TODO
Toolbar icon for Xfburn (burn button): TODO
Default settings for Chromium (use GTK+ theme by default, Ubuntu already does this -- how did they solve it?): BLOCKED
[viking.redwolf] Corporate (lubuntized) start page for Firefox: INPROGRESS
Xfburn: make this app use named icon, not generic cdrom (patch?): TODO
Gucview: make this app use proper icon (easy, just avoid use of paths in .desktop file): TODO
[viking.redwolf] gtk-caps-lock-warning: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-cdrom: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-color-picker: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-convert: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-connect: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-dialog-authentication: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-dialog-error: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-discard: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-disconnect: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-dnd: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-dnd-multiple: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-execute: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-file: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-floppy: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-indent: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-index: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-missing-image: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-network: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-orientation-landscape: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-orientation-portrait: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-orientation-reverse-landscape: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-orientation-reverse-portrait: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-page-setup: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-print-error: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-print-paused: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-print-report: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-print-warning: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-select-all: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-select-font: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-sort-ascending: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-sort-decending: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-unindent: DONE
[viking.redwolf] gtk-unindent-rtl: DONE

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