Making Community Very Obvious on the Desktop

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Executive Summary:
The main idea is to make discovery of Ubuntu community automatic, and not an accident. Community is meant in the whole and general sense of "anyone who uses or contributes to Ubuntu." (In this context, community is not meant to be restricted to LoCo teams.) If we can drive more people towards the Ubuntu user&contributor communities in-real-life, then we can begin to harness the energy of the millions of people that enjoy Ubuntu every day. No other OS in the world can currently do that. Let's be the first.

Problem Statement:
"Houston we have a problem." Most people who have discovered Ubuntu community have done so accidentally. Most people (who are on the other side of the chasm) have no idea that community is central to the growth and development of Ubuntu. Most people have no idea whether others in their town/city are using Ubuntu. We need to make community obvious and make community formation easy.

One possible solution is to create a "Community Lens" or (similarly obvious desktop element). Make it prominent. Connect it to one's local community, beginning with those who use and enjoy Ubuntu in our town/city. Over time, expand it to include additional nearby non-Ubuntu social connections: family, friends, neighbourhood, city...

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Social is the future and ubuntu's aim has been to be "social from the start". But as mentioned it currently doesnt make it easy enough to connect with your local community.

Proliferation of an OS is a social phenomenon and ubuntu could leverage this and become a real "Social OS".

Once you "connect" with other users, is easy to keep connecting. The communities surrounding ubuntu are indeed one of its main "features".

[YokoZar] File Ubiquity-slideshow bug to mention the quantity of users: DONE
[DoctorMO] Mockups of Lense: TODO
[DoctorMO] Mockup of MeMenu: TODO
[Randall] Blog ~ using the desktop more than the web browser as a means of engaging participation (eg, things like notifications about new tests to run if you're in the development release): TODO
[marcoceppi] Gather information about integration with Ask Ubuntu: INPROGRESS
[?] Gather information about integration with Launchpad: TODO
[?] Expose locations and dates for Ubuntu related events via other media delivery (smart phones): TODO
[cprofitt] blog about Community on the desktop - MeMenu, Lenses, etc: DONE
[?] Research the Social-desktop initiative and Open Collaboration Services APIs ?

(rrnwexec 10/22/2012) )Re-opening for UDS-R. Now that Unity infrastructure is solid, it's time to raise the game!
Things we need to figure out:
- Most of the above, plus:
- What if there's no local community to point people to? We need to default them somewhere
- Where is the best place to position this information? A lens/scope? Or, something more prominent?
- Linkage with Ubuntu Accomplishments?
- Integration with LoCo directory?

Pad for the UDS-R session is here:


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