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All development work items and discussions for Lubuntu 13.04.

Some topics for discussions :
 * Specific testcases
 * Dropping alternate ISO in favor of netboot install
 * Discuss release schedule
 * ...

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=== Possible projects (pick one if you want to contribute) ===

* Make Lubuntu 100 % translable by fixing all the packages (to make all the strings translable) and using to improve translations quality

* Improve bug reporting by making and improving apport hooks (need one for lxdm, lxsession, lxtask, lxterminal), and try to use them with daily builds (see

* Python3 only : Make Lubuntu ISO use python3 only (need a clear evaluation)

* Instrospection : Make Lubuntu ISO use only introspection (gir packages, instead of for examples python-gtk2, python-vte, python-notify)

* Remove gconf : Remove gconf from Lubuntu ISO (need a clear evaluation)

* Make an offline documentation based on the wiki pages (need a clear evaluation)

=== Open discussions ===

=== Closed discussions ===


Work Items

Work items:
[gilir] Make a detailled roadmap / schedule, with deadline for new applications, pings to artwork (including slideshows), upstream projects ... : DONE
[gilir] Upload a "ready for official repo" Viewnor package in a PPA to compare it with gpicview: DONE
[gilir] Add a generic .desktop for the browser in lxpanel shortcut: DONE
Make a release of lsc (with updated translation): TODO
Make a release of lxkeymap: TODO
Sync / Merge from Debian lxde-common 0.5.5-1 and merge them in lubuntu-default-settings : TODO
Glade: Migrate galculator (done upstream, see svn) : TODO
Glade: Migrate obconf : TODO
Glade: Migrate xscreensaver (?) : TODO
[gilir] Enable specific settings for Lxterminal: DONE
Finish the possibility to customize Chromium (patch source + JSOn preference, see bug 570812): TODO
Look at LXDE packages and make them 'icon-themeable", like lxterminal during quantal cycle: TODO
Use lxlock everywhere (also in xdg-screensaver/xdg-utils): TODO
Use lightdm lock dbus method in lxlock: TODO
Look at backporting lock features from unity-greeter to lightdm-gtk-greeter: TODO
[gilir] Rewrite to be actually usefull for other people: DONE
Clean up launchpad bug tracker for pcmanfm / libfm: TODO
[gilir] Switch lxsession autostart settings to the new format (dropping autostart file content): INPROGRESS
[gilir] Advertise the use of lxsession and the drop of autostart file: TODO
[gilir] Prepare lubuntu-default-settings for nexus7 session (split packages + specific settings): DONE
[gilir] Add a seed for nexus7 in lubuntu.raring / lubuntu-meta: TODO
[gilir] Ask nexus team to add new lubuntu seed to the build system: TODO
[gilir] Work with Debian to update gnome-mplayer to 1.0.7: DONE
[gilir] Mail to L-QA about drop of the alphas and the schedule: DONE
[gilir] Mail to L-QA about CD oversize: DONE
[gilir] Mail to L-QA about keeping alternate: DONE
See if we can implement gnome-blacklist in libmenu-cache from gnome-menu debian package: TODO
Try to use dh with scour on icon theme to reduce the size: TODO

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