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Charm Schools and so on.

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What charm schools, etc should we run?


Brighttalk now has ipod/ipad apps to record video offline.

Where to announce webinars/streams:

- juju mailing list
- Planet -> Ubuntu Weekly News
- "The usual suspects", Facebook, reddit, ubuntu social networks <-- but a bunch of these are general user audience, not devops.
- Tell people we can do ondemand charm schools, and advertise that.

= What do people want to see? =

Webinars are too one way, need a discussion for a charm school to be successful.
Ensure basic concepts are well known: service orchestration through handshaking
Do we want more advanced content? YES. Relation orchestration, use with puppet...
Needs to be more interactive (G+).
More screencasts before the interactive session, needs to be findable, so users can
 **** Put videos in the DOCUMENTATION. ****
G+ is the best way to go, IRC isn't a good way to do a charm school.
More MAAS/private cloud content that doesn't mention public cloud stuff, it's hard to evangelize at a large company about juju if there's a perception that it's public cloud specific.

== Screencast Snippets Topics ==

One screencast per question!! So you can mix and match the videos to organize them. This way customers can pick and choose their topics.

* Anatomy of a Charm
* Writing your first charm
* Best practices for charms
* Advanced Topics, moving between clouds.
* Juju WORST Practices / Lessons Learned - do not depend on timing, lack of idempotence, dpkg lock, etc
* Bare metal deployments with MAAS

Snippets inserted into Documents/Ask Ubuntu to answer specific questions.

Where is the Juju FAQ?: http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/juju?sort=faq&pagesize=50


Work Items

Work items:
[jorge] Work out how to get the word out on Webinars.: TODO
[jorge] Run at least two charm schools on G+, one towards the beginning of the cyle, one towards release.: TODO
[manjo] Investigate linking up with Khan Academy, demos and tutorials and whatnot.: TODO
[jorge] Screencast - Getting started with Juju (setup, deploying): TODO
[mark-mims] Screencast - General overview (more advanced than Jorge's, so migrations, jitsu): TODO
[negronjl] Screencast - Mongodb. : DONE
[negronjl] Screencast - haproxy. : DONE
[marcoceppi] Screencast - Pick whatever you want, just make one. : TODO
[jimbaker] Screencast - handshaking: the key to service orchestration in Juju: TODO
[mramm] General purpose Juju video (2 minute) : TODO
[clint-fewbar] One Juju screencast - you pick Clint, you missed the session so you get a work item, :): TODO
[jorge] See if mthaddon can do a few "lessons learned" screencasts/discussion.: TODO
[jorge] REGULAR G+ Hangouts, not one offs. : TODO
[mthaddon] Juju lessons learned screencast.: TODO
[jorge] More integration with AU like we do on developer.ubuntu.com: DONE
[jorge] Publish juju charm presentations and material on Ubuntu One for EVERYONE!!! \o/: TODO
[jimbaker] Find information for "How to write a provider" so we can get community involvement. Ping mike-mcclurg wrt. Xen provider. "Intro to juju development", starting with a provider.: TODO
[terryh] Leverage the SALES Channel for charm schools: TODO

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