Showcase work of new contributors

Registered by Daniel Holbach on 2012-10-08

With the bug fixing initiatives in full swing we should showcase the work of new contributors to inspire others to follow their lead. Possible things we could do:
 - Regularly interview new contributors about their experience.
 - Figure out a way to track adoption and success of these initiatives.

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Jono Bacon
Daniel Holbach
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Daniel Holbach
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    mention people who got upload rights
    DMB mails mailing lists
    Daniel Holbach posts on @ubuntudev on social media accounts.
    DAT interviews: find out if we can easily interview people who have gotten a few uploads under the belt already.
    Interview people who just got upload rights.
    Demo work of contributors
    which work do we want to show
    New packages?
    First uploads?
    Test-cases :)
    Where to post:
    Blog post
    Demo in Hangour on Air
    Mention how to get involved, what to do first, where to hang out...


Work Items

Work items:
[dholbach] mail DMB and offer access for the @ubuntudev social media accounts: DONE
[dholbach] put together team of people who are interested in doing interviews: POSTPONED
[dholbach] put together a list of people who contributed to the current release and send a mail out to the list: DONE
[dholbach] figure out a way to track demos/interviews/interactions with new folks: TODO
[dholbach] call for help with writing dev news: TODO
[dholbach] make Harvest graphs public (to track new easy tasks and closed easy tasks): POSTPONED
[dholbach] set up dev hang out schedule ( - mail ajmitch, bdrung and micahg): DONE
[bkerensa] sync up with dholbach to discuss Dev News Plans and Highlight Contributors: TODO

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