Accomplishments Collections Cleanup

Registered by Michael Hall on 2012-10-05

Review the state of the current collections, identified things that need to be fixed, expanded on or removed.

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Accomplishments collections cleanup Session

Issues with the accomplishments
No challenge: most of them are not challenging enough
   - Need ones that users can strive for
No middle level accomplishments: easy ones, advanced ones, nothing in between
Add levels to existing accomplishments to encourage more progress, take Fixed a Bug and add Fixed 10 Bugs
All the trophies look the same, regarless of difficulty
No hierarchy for accomplishments
Hard to judge difficulty of accomplishments, this could be shown in a tooltip
We could also use the server to gauge rarity of the accomplishments


Work Items

Work items:
[rafalcieslak256] add an accomplishment to fix bugs: TODO
[rafalcieslak256] add an accomplishment to fix 10 bugs: TODO
[rafalcieslak256] add an accomplishment to fix 100 bugs: TODO
[rafalcieslak256] Implement additional metadata reflecting level of accomplishment (difficulty/time): TODO
[jonobacon] gather information from the server about the rarity of each accomplishment and publish it in the web gallery: TODO
[mfisch] Implement in the daemon getting rarity information: TODO
Link the rarity information to the viewer: TODO
[mfisch] discuss the lack of mid-level trophies at the next G+ meeting and share&discuss ideas for them: TODO
[rafalcieslak256] Recreate artwork for icons to reflect trophy's level and share with the team before checkin: TODO
[jonobacon] Experiment with the algorithm that determines full tree of what one should accomplish before being able to get an accomplishment + presenting that data in the viewer and share the results with the rest of the team: TODO

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