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The Ubuntu Youth team has been dead for a few years. It was a place where youth people can find others from their ages, and discuss about Ubuntu and what can they do about it. My intention with this session would be to find ways to revive this group, and also to define this group purpose and main vision for now on. Also, discussing how to promote it, how its leadership is going to be taken (Point for Philip Ballew, current Team leader) and how to give it an useful position in the community are points that are important to be taken care of during this session.

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Jono Bacon
José Antonio Rey
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José Antonio Rey
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Mainly, discuss what can be done about with the group, how to promote it, and how is it going to be an useful part of the community. Another point to take in consideration is starting a series of open classes focused in the Youth team. It would be something like Ubuntu User Days, but Youth focused, although anyone interested can join. This is also going to be discussed with the classroom team for approval.


Work Items

Work items:
[jose] Organize elections for the council (Condorcet): DONE
[philipballew] Make a call for nominations: DONE
[philipballew] Contact current council members, ask who is stepping down and who is standing for re-election: DONE
[jpickett] Create ubuntu materials that u-y can use in their local school and community, adapt existing material toward youth events: POSTPONED
[philipballew] Create recurring fortnightly/monthly team meetings and post to fridge calendar: POSTPONED
[benny] Organize Classroom sessions run by UY members.: POSTPONED
[philipballew] Improve wiki pages: POSTPONED
[jpickett] create wiki jam for u-y pages: POSTPONED
[jose] Create a Trello board (Link here: https://trello.com/board/ubuntu-youth/4fad9602713b0c684d058a71 ): DONE

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