LoCo Portal Design Iteration

Registered by David Planella on 2012-04-27

We want to make the Ubuntu LoCo portal a hub for social LoCo activities.

This blueprint proposes the redesign of the portal's homepage to more effectively showcase LoCo team activity and to inspire community members.

Blueprint information

Jono Bacon
David Planella
David Planella
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10
Completed by
David Planella on 2012-11-22

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[rrnwexec] 05-07-12
We may want to consider categorizing events and then grabbing photo streams for each category presented as slideshows. (e.g. Ubuntu Hour, Global Jam, InstallFests, *Real* Parties, etc.) That would give people visual examples of how to design social events.

Session notes:

LoCo Portal:

Preliminary work:
Homepage : http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5184/5763041728_9d776baccd_o.jpg
Event : http://ubuntuone.com/67xDn2RQHEoXbvwX1flAHA
Profile : http://ubuntuone.com/2WTriAEEx08AFPBscocdKw
    Team page: ability to add RSS feeds from LoCo planets

    Remove identi.ca from the team feed?
    Team pages: icons need to be fixed
    Propose teams that the newcomers can join by using there Lat/Long (HTML5)
    locate me (name ?)
    Do not expose Latitude and Longitude on the event page.
    Make Address field required for Venues
    Sort Venues by most recently used
    One-time venues
    Add team planets to each team page
    Change 'LoCo Council' to 'Governance' - folks seemed happy with the current title
    add tool tip/alt text that says 'LoCo Council'

modify the home page of loco.ubuntu.com to be more visually compelling
identi.ca and twitter combined feed on loco portal might be problematic


Work Items

Work items:
Add per-team blog aggregation to team pages: TODO
Add social media widgets to team pages: TODO
[daker] Remove identi.ca from microblogging feed: INPROGRESS
Add text to Resources pictograms: TODO
register button on an event to actually look like a button and possibly change to "Attend" or "register to attend": TODO
[dpm] Prepare a quick survey to find out what LoCo teams find useful to have on the front page: TODO
[dpm] Create a set of mockups from the survey feedback: TODO
[dpm] Publish results of the survey: TODO
[daker] Contribute to LoCo portal development: TODO
[dylanmccall] Contribute to LoCo portal development: TODO
[dylanmccall] Contribute to LoCo portal development: TODO
[l3on] Contribute to LoCo portal development in terms of styling: TODO
[jtatum] Contribute to LoCo portal : TODO
[dpm] Organise regular meetings to coordinate and track the work: TODO