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We want to increase the visibility and awareness of Ubuntu app development outside of the regular Ubuntu channels.

This blueprint will serve to discuss initiatives and plan an external outreach campaign. One of the first initiatives will be a series of articles published to a set of targetted media sites or print publications not directly associated with Ubuntu.

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Jono Bacon
David Planella
David Planella
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David Planella

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How can we reach out to developers outside our usual communication channels?
- Ideas:
 - Target a set of media sites/publications
 - Target a set of groups
   - Low hanging fruit - other Linux deveopers
 - Make sure we have an easy way to turn html5 apps into Ubuntu apps
 - Case studies:
  - What's the compelling story to attract developers?
  - Developer images (virtual machine or ISO) of Ubuntu
  - Vagrant for Ubuntu developers using Windows/Mac -

Target types:

    Software Engineers who have written Linux apps
    PPA uploaders (Launchpad)
    toolkit-specific forums
    category-specific forums
    Humble Indie Bundle
    Software Engineers who have switched to Mac
    MacTech magazine
    Windows/Mac Software Engineers using cross-platform toolkits
    Product/Marketing managers who pick platform targets

Selling points:
- Number of users
- Technologies
- Recognition


Work Items

Work items:
[dpm] Create a list of target audiences to reach out for publishing app developer content: TODO
[dpm] Create a list of target app development technoiogies that are supported in Ubuntu: TODO
[dpm] Create a list tech media sites to reach out for publishing app developer content: INPROGRESS
[dpm] Write a set of articles on developing apps for Ubuntu to submit to the previous targets: TODO
[dpm] Publish a case study or video on developing apps for Ubuntu on TODO
[rg4w] Write an article on app development on Ubuntu on MacTech: TODO

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