Advertise new apps in the Software Center

Registered by Michael Hall

Promote the availability of new apps in the Software Center, both in USC itself and through other channels, to raise awareness of apps targeting Ubuntu

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Jono Bacon
Michael Hall
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10

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There is some API already for ratings, perhaps there is for new apps feed too?


Show the Application's Integration with Unity, if any
There can also be an option to share it on any Social Network, We can have integration with Google+ and Twitter hashtags (Like the ones in Ubiquity)
The banners in Software center can be customized to display apps for a specific category. Example: One can choose to only display developer tools on the banner.
What about an option to "Request an application in the Software Center"?

A second pane which shows other applications too?
Right now "the big boys" are displayed prominently in the front.
Allow users to upvote apps in review that they want in the store.
Discuss open source app selection in public meetings
Allow developers to submit their own banners to MyApps

What we currently do:
The banners in Software Center are updated monthly
Usually it's 2 commercial and 2 open-source applications
ARB applications are preferred.
What's new list is updated too.

Open Source projects with API (RESTish API providing json)
lp:ubuntu-webcatalog (
lp:rnr-server (ratings and reviews)
lp:developer-portal (not yet OSS, working on it but it might take a while)

Reviews API (for actual reviews you need to specify the package and other parameters)

Apps API (from MyApps)

Buttons example:


Work Items

Work items:
[mhall119] File a bug to MyApps to provide the ability to submit promotional banners (bug #1009646): DONE
[mhall119] Create a GIMP template for USC banners: DONE
Define a process for community voting on the featured Free Software apps (providing a selection of e.g 10): POSTPONED
Start a weekly voting process to decide the Free Software featured apps: POSTPONED
Monthly or Weekly "What's New" blog post on devportal from the MyApps API feed: POSTPONED
[elachuni] Provide HTML snippets for adding "Available in USC" buttons to your website/article (on apps.u.c and MyApps dashboard): TODO
[elachuni] Provide HTML snippets for embedding ratings and reviews for a given application: TODO
[mhall119] File a bug for adding HTML snippets for adding "Available in USC" buttons (bug #1009641): DONE
[mhall119] File a bug for adding HTML snippets for embedding ratings and reviews (bug #1009643): DONE