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Planning what the Accessibility Community Team is going to do for the next cycle. We were over ambitious last cycle, so it's time to pare down and look at what's realistic for this next cycle.

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Precise release has significant improvements, particularly with accessible strings on the indicators and installer improvements still plenty of room for improvement
only desktop with accessible network connections

Unity2d will be discontinued in the Q cycle so the focus will be on unity 3d
working to target the next LTS 14.04

Upstream needs help
- The OpenJDK IcedTea team found the gnome codebase hard to debug. a lot of crashes in the gnome screenreader support this ended up that all java swing applications dropped screenreader support for the precise release still unfixed - java-atk-wrapper prevents java applications from starting
it would be great to get the gnome community and java community to discuss the api to prevent crashes

Typical issues that blind users report to developers:
- the screenreader never stops speaking the old focus when you switch focus - the endless talking machine issue. the worst case is when the screenreader have to spell out complete sentences before starting to describe the next focus item, its slows down productivity and if you navigate quickly the output queues up and the user have to wait some minutes before geting to the "idle" state
- do i need to add more context? i guess this is a kind of bug thart can show up on application per application


Work Items

Work items:
[pendulum] to blog monthly or delegate monthly: TODO
[lyz] create a page on the ubuntu-women wiki about accessibility testing and recruit helpers for testing: TODO
[alanbell] get dholbach to add a11y to TODO
[dholbach] add a11y to TODO
[gerboland] autopilot testing for unity with orca: TODO
[alanbell] check with davmor2 on the software centre bug status: TODO TODO
[allison] blog twice about interviews with target users: TODO

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