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Translations roundtable discussion where to fit all other topics not covered in dedicated sessions

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Work items:
[dpm] Do the next full language pack update with guidance from pitti (done the precise one): DONE
[dpm] File a bug in Launchpad to enable the UTC team members to request full langpack exports: DONE
[dpm] Set up a regular calendar appointment for the UTC team calls (evaluate doing them weekly instead of biweekly): DONE
[dpm] Set up remaining translation priorities in the Launchpad templates for Precise and Oneiric: DONE
[kelemengabor] Open Precise translations in Launchpad: DONE
[dpm] Follow up with the docs team about the situation of the ubuntu-help translations template: POSTPONED
[k-nielsen81] Update the Oneiric language pack updates calendar to make the third language pack for Oneiric a full one: DONE
[k-nielsen81] Initiate task reshuffling for the sustainable translations tasks: TODO
[k-nielsen81] Document task reshuffling for the sustainable translations tasks: TODO
[k-nielsen81] Start and drive the sustainable translations documentation process in the wiki: TODO
[k-nielsen81] First oneiric language pack release: DONE
[k-nielsen81] Second oneiric language pack release: DONE
[k-nielsen81] Fifth natty language pack release: DONE
[k-nielsen81] Third oneiric language pack release: DONE
[k-nielsen81] Sixth natty oneiric language pack release: TODO
[k-nielsen81] Fourth oneiric language pack release: INPROGRESS
[kelemengabor] File a bug for p-d-e to support help translation at build time (bug #886230): DONE
[dpm] Re-run the Launchpad Translations feature priorities survey amongst translators: POSTPONED

Things to discuss:
- Improving the language pack release process [] and []
- Evaluation and renewal of the sustainable translations project we did for Oneiric
- Translation of Ubuntu-related docs:
  * ubuntu-docs and the server guide are now to be translated in upstream projects: this needs proper advertisement
  * application level help for Ubuntu-related packages is a mess:
     ** software-centers help is translatable under Ubuntu (but see bug #869935, bug #723244, bug #723367 - maybe po4a is a problem here?)
     ** update-managers help is not exposed via a Help button (maybe because it is obsolete?) and not translatable
     ** language-selectors help is not translatable
     ** deja-dups help is translatable in upstream - good!
     ** simple-scans help is not translatable (see bug #543282)
     ** usb-creators help disappeared, it was part of the old ubuntu-docs, but was not moved into the projects tree, Help button is still on the UI (see bug #884008)
Ideally, we should be able to translate all of these, and we should have a list of "Ubuntu-specific help templates" available somewhere, as all of these is installed by default (except for the server guide).
Bonus task for the docs team is rewriting those not in mallard format (except for the server guide, probably). Currently only ubuntu-docs, deja-dup and simple scan is in mallard, and these are useful, they rock. The others, not so much.
Another problem is that python-distutils-extra does not support the docbook/mallard help translation at build time, and s-c, u-m, l-s and u-c use that build system. Software-center avoids this using po4a, but bugs say it does not work so well.
- Localized images in the docs


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