Summit development plans from UDS-P

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Discussion during UDS-P on the further plans and development for

Discussion Items:
 * Header links and navigation, currently too many links in the header
 * Setting up summit to run concurrent summits allowing for the removal of the Linaro hard coding

All items which were not completed last cycle have been added to this list.

Blueprint information

Not started
Jono Bacon
Needs approval
Summit Hackers
Series goal:
Accepted for precise
Not started
Milestone target:


Work Items:
[chrisjohnston] create documentation on how to use summit: DONE
[nigelbabu] create a common app: DONE
[nigelbabu] Talk to IS to list about linking to recordings of sessions URL TODO
[mhall119] figure out a way to import data locally for testing: DONE
[summit-hackers] Clean up INPROGRESS
[summit-hackers] Add more content/direct links on the front page: INPROGRESS
[chrisjohnston] Making user roles for different users providing different levels of access: DONE
[summit-hackers] Restrict scheduling permissions to admins only after the summit start date: TODO
[summit-hackers] Allow people to define their own Busy times: TODO
check against busy times for scheduling conflicts: TODO
[summit-hackers] on blueprints set the session summary page as the wiki page: TODO
[summit-hackers] Create style guide and code cleanup for compliance: TODO
[summit-hackers] Add markerline which follows time of day on day view for easy knowledge of which session is ongoing/next: TODO
[mhall119] Make it easier to sign up for a blueprint from summit: DONE
[summit-hackers] create an ability for logging who did what: TODO
[chrisjohnston] remove the "$track summary for $day" link below the pads: DONE
[mhall119] Document the REST API: TODO
[nigelbabu] Update Summit to work with django 1.3: DONE
[chrisjohnston] File RT to have the summit box updated to django 1.3 as well as update the code for summit that is compatible with django 1.3 (Blocked on updating summit to work with django 1.3: DONE
[chrisjohnston] Remove 'interest' code: DONE


Work Items

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.