Meet with the Ubuntu Desktop Designers

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Meet with the Ubuntu desktop designers, hear what they love about Ubuntu, what they'd like to do better, and what they dream about.

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For years, the Ubuntu tribe quested for the mythical Designer tribe. Occasional glimpses were seen, but the Designers remained elusive. Then one day the great chief of the Ubuntu tribe was struck by a bolt of inspiration: the way to lure the Designers was to *hire* them, and tempt them with tasty trinkets like six-monitor displays. Lo and behold, the plan was a success, and the Designers joined with the Ubuntu tribe, settled down and started building their houses and raising their flocks of peacocks.

And yet, all was not well. The Designers were a mysterious folk, speaking a strange language of colors and shapes, and acronyms starting in "U" or ending in "X". Their legendary magic for turning oranges into diamonds only worked in an environment of air and light and harmonic resonance, so they were often found wandering the fields and forests, rather than immersed in the daily life of the village. Some in the Ubuntu tribe grew worried about their presence. The tribe deeply valued diversity, embracing such varied peoples as the K' family, the X' family, the Edu' family, the kernel dwarves, and the packagers of Rohan, but still they wondered, "Are some differences just too different?"

But others in the Ubuntu tribe grew to love the Designers, to appreciate their elvish ways and their knack for finding exactly the right corner to tweak or spot to polish to transform the ordinary to extraordinary.

Come and meet with the Designers of the Ubuntu desktop, hear what they love about Ubuntu, what they'd like to do better, and what they dream about as they wander the fields.


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