Complete desktop Simplified Chinese translation

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Need to ensure that 100% of the "Desktop" is translated into Chinese/Simplified for the LTS release

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Kyle Nitzsche
David Planella
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David Planella

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Work items:
[knitzsche] Define the complete desktop Simplified Chinese translation scope: list of priority packages to translate, including documentation and applications: DONE
[dpm] Create the translations schedule according to the Precise schedule: DONE
[dpm] Reach out to the Simplified Chinese community clearly explaining the purpose and plans for the complete desktop Simplified Chinese translation initiative: DONE
[dpm] Ensure the complete desktop Simplified Chinese translation plan is well communicated in the usual Ubuntu channels and especially in the Chinese-speaking channels: DONE
[dpm] Start generating Precise statistics on as soon as translations are open in Launchpad: DONE
[dpm] Post regular updates on the Ubuntu Planet and the translators mailing list, with statistics for all translation teams, prominently highlighting the simplified Chinese stats and encouraging completion: POSTPONED
[raywang] Find out the guidelines (and glossary) the Simplified Chinese translation team and send it to knitzsche: DONE
[knitzsche] Private translators to complete in scope translations prior to review. Private translations occuring in two phases: job 1 is for GUI, job 2 is for ubuntu-docs. Job 1 is now returned translated (29 mar) and is heading to team for review on 2 Apr. Job 2 goes to translators 2 Apr: DONE

Session notes:

Purpose: Ensure 100% translation of precise Desktop in Chinese/Simplified

Points of discussion:

 * engage zh_CN translation team
 * identify scope of "desktop" (which packages)
 * workflow: monitor status > translate; monitor > translate; etc.
   - who monitors? community QA? zh_CN translation team? David Planella?
   - when? periodically, but when exactly (how many cycles?)
   - issue tracking: how (bugs? With tag? Something else?)
   - directing translators to issues (who takes lead role in ensuring issues are highlighted to zh_CN team, and how)
   - release review and final actions (what steps are necessary when the release approaches to ensure 100%)

We 're shipping Ubuntu in China
- We've opened 220 Dell stores and we want to provide a superior user experience
- This means providing a completely translated user interface into Simplified Chinese
We want to figure out a strategy to ship a 100% translated CD
- We want to focus on the set of GUI packages on the CD
-- Documentation is also important
-- Do we want documentation for all apps in the default CD
- Check at a certain point in time the status of translations
- If they're not complete, Canonical pays a 3rd party translation agency to complete them
- Then they're uploaded to Launchpad
- After that, the community will have a set time to review them
- 2 weeks private translations
- 1 week review
- 1 week testing
I18n bugs:
- Checked during review period
- David escalates to oem-priority
- OEM escalate to desktop
- Those apps listed in the stats
- Plus Libreoffice
- And Firefox

[dpm, 2011-01-30]
Simplified Chinese translation guidelines:

[dpm, 2011-01-11]
Stats are now generated daily at

[knitzsche, 2011-09-11]
 - the scope is: all GUI on the Qin CD iso. (command line is out of scope), including apps and help. For now, there is no prioritization beyond that. Prioritization decisions will be needed if and when we need to take steps to complete in-scope translations that the community was not able to complete by six weeks before 12.04 release date.

[dpm, 2011-09-11]
To be clear on the scope. In addition to the requirements above, do we want to include:
• Long package descriptions - they're not on the CD, but Software Center downloads them from the archive upon refresh; they're huge (17K strings) [1]; the quality of the original strings is often not high
• Application-specific help outside the ubuntu-help package - this includes documentation for software-center, deja-dup, usbcreator and possibly others (need to investigate exactly which).



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