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We'd like the tutorials section of the app developer site to grow with interesting content for Ubuntu app developers. In this session we'll discuss and come up with a plan to do that.


- Brainstorming of topics where we need tutorials
- Structure the list of topics in a shortlist of essential ones
- Reach out to the community to assign at least one person to a tutorial
- Set up editorial permissions and process in place on the app developer site

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David Planella
David Planella
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Work items:
[dpm] Create a list of tutorial topics that would be interesting for d.u.c: TODO
[johnoxton] Research on existing tutorials on the net and provide a content list:
[dpm] Write an inspirational blog post to reach out to the community to help with writing tutorials:
[dpm] Reach out to the Ubuntu App Developer Week participants to port their talks as tutorials featured on d.u.c: TODO
[dpm] Port the existing blog posts externally linked on d.u.c to be real tutorials on-site: TODO
[dpm] Publish the offline 'quickly tutorial ubuntu-application' as an online tutorial on d.u.c:
[johnoxton] Highlight the submit a tutorial CTA more (i.e. make it appear in the front resources page):
[didrocks] Port the Quickly tutorials ( to d.u.c (dpm happy to help on that): DONE
[elvar] Write a tutorial on SDL using C (sent to dpm, just needs review and publishing on d.u.c): INPROGRESS
[ken-vandine] Write a tutorial for social networking integration: BLOCKED
[davidcalle] Write tutorial on JSON parsing:
[davidcalle] Write a tutorial on creating a Unity Lens: DONE
[dpm] Explore enabling comments on d.u.c tutorials: DONE
[dpm] Add a "Have a question on this tutorial?" link at the bottom of d.u.c tutorials (to direct submitters to Askubuntu): DONE
[johnoxton] Write a "Quick and dirty guide to UX for your apps" tutorial (list of recommended links organized by subject):
[johnoxton] Find an author to write a tutorial with basic guidelines on designing icons:

[dpm, 2012-01-12]
It seems that the d.u.c page template does not support comments. Filed for that.

[didrocks, 2012-02-15]
Gave the guidance a couple of weeks ago about the tutorial from my blog post. Won't have time to port it myself

Session notes:

Idea of project to grow the list of tutorials. 15-20 tutorials in this cycle.
Ideas for tutorial topics:



    Writing a simple game

    Best practices around UI design

    How to package your app

    Tutorial for submitting an application to My Apps

    Tutorial about algorithms

    Tutorial on how to easy and fast find informations which we need

    Quick and dirty guide to UX for your apps

    Basic guidelines on designing icons

    Tutorial on Glade

    Wite a QML application

    Write a QML application with managed code

    How to use Bazaar (this better done if you're using Launchpad)

- The new boston has got good tutorials:

pitti 2012-04-20: Moving to Q and reopening WIs, as most were postponed.


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