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We want to build upon the current resources section of the app developer site and develop it to become a point of reference for anyone developing applications for Ubuntu.

Some ideas for discussion:

- Review of the current IA
- Compare how other developer sites structure their resources/reference sections
- Feedback on the current content and structure of the current section

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Jono Bacon
John Oxton
David Planella
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Accepted for precise
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.04
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David Planella

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Work items:
[dpm] Create a comparative analysis on what other desktop/mobile developer sites do for their resources section: POSTPONED
[dpm] Reach out to stakeholders to gather requirements for the d.u.c resources section: POSTPONED
[johnoxton] Organize a user testing round to gather data on how people use the current d.u.c resources section: POSTPONED
[johnoxton] Investigate the feasibility of a toolset-based approach for the resources section: POSTPONED
[johnoxton] Create a set of prototypes for different approaches to the resources section: POSTPONED
[johnoxton] Organize a round of user testing to validate the new d.u.c resources section prototypes: POSTPONED
[johnoxton] Pick the best design from the user testing results on the new d.u.c resources section: POSTPONED
[johnoxton] Organize a round of user testing to validate the new d.u.c resources section design chosen (investigate if an additional AB testing round is needed): POSTPONED
[steve-edwards] Provide the implementation for the new d.u.c resources section design: POSTPONED
[johnoxton] Provide an apps feed from to use in POSTPONED
[dpm] Add links to the source code to the d.u.c API section: DONE
[dpm] Add a page for the ARB to the d.u.c resources section: POSTPONED
[bhavi] Provide the content for an ARB page in the d.u.c resources section: POSTPONED

[dpm, 2012-01-23]
The Web Design Team's resources are currently allocated to other projects. The plan will be for this cycle to go into maintenance mode and revisit the developer site phase II for next cycle

Session notes:

We want to expand upon the current resources section,

mpt suggestions:
- More inline with MSDN, android.developer
- Flatter structure, beter birds-eye view - John: it might be intimidating?
- Flat structure example:
- Organize by topic instead of category (can't be expected to know in advance what kind of documentation to expect)
Other suggestions:
- Separation into user groups, depending on their background
- Make the platform diagram more interactive to be a walkthrough
- We want to make sure important information is not buried
- Wizard-based approach
- Make the section more dynamic: make the
- Stay up to date about site updates:
-- E-mail
-- Show the technologies a particular app uses
List of developer sites to look at for a comparative analysis
- Qt -
- Apple -
- iOS
- android
- webos
- symbian
- Windows Mobile
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