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We want to discuss the plans to start growing an Ubuntu app developer community

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David Planella
David Planella
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Work items:
[dpm] Create a survey to find out in which places to reach app developers outside the Ubuntu community: TODO
[dpm] Work with jpugh to create a list of app developer conferences and events: DONE
[dpm] Work with jpugh to ensure Ubuntu presence or sponsorship to key app developer events and conferences: POSTPONED
[dpm] Write an elevator pitch for developing and distributing apps in Ubuntu: POSTPONED
[dpm] Write a white paper describing why Ubuntu is a good platform for app developers: POSTPONED
[dpm] Write a guidance document or case study aimed at app developers from other platforms to port their applications to Ubuntu: POSTPONED
[dpm] Syndicate app developer blog to planet Ubuntu and Canonical voices: DONE
[dpm] Post weekly updates on the app developer blog: DONE
[dpm] Create a list of interesting apps and reach out to the consumer apps team (or any interested developers) to write a simple app: POSTPONED
[dpm] Investigate how to create regular Q+A sessions on Ubuntu app development: POSTPONED
[dpm] Find speakers for Ubuntu App Developer Week: POSTPONED
[dpm] Organize Ubuntu App Developer Week: POSTPONED
[michael.nelson] Add a link from to bug 923633: DONE

Session notes:

  * Regular stream of content on the dev blog
  * Increase use of social media
     - Ubuntu magazine?
  * Events
    * Ubuntu app developer week
    * Contests
  * Videos
    - People interviewed for work said this was important for them
jono says, we're probably not the best people to try to predict what users need and want to learn. We need some research. Surveys might help. // We did ask commercial app authors for app store.
Ubuntu-user demographic information may help potential authors decide what niche to try to fill.
Which ideas do you have? Getting people to know about Ubuntu, and getting
them to write applications for Ubuntu.
Ask developers of featured applications to write something for the blog (Q&A?)
<noodles> dogfooding - developing apps ourselves, for demonstration, and
recording videos/writing tutorials etc. Can highlight particular areas of the
platform and serve as reference of good usage.
Which type of apps?
  - highlight parts of the platform - unity integration
  - games
  - fitness application
    - gwibber integration
    - notification/messaging menu integration for reminders about the schedule
    - potentially have music playing while exercising etc (to demo integration with pulseaudio)
    - integrate images/videos of excersies (to demo gstream playbin)
We've got different types of audiences - we need to know their needs and interests:
- Indie developers:
- Open source developers:
- Brand new developers (they are perhaps a lower priority?):
Regular Q+A sessions on Ubuntu app development
A place for new app developers to get in touch
- Presentation material
- Succes stories
- Events
- Integration from Software Center to
  - We have a menu item now, but maybe add a link right into the "Featured Apps" section

Promotion - Universites, high school
- informing schools about our projects and goals
- sending a letters to school after uploading student's project to Ubuntu repository as form of acknowledgments


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