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The Ubuntu Translations community has reached a status of maturity, and on every cycle it becomes more and more successful in effectively translating Ubuntu.

David will continue his work as the Ubuntu Translations Coordinator as usual, but as his role diversifies, he will spend some of his time on other areas of the Ubuntu community this cycle.

The idea of this session is to build upon the work of previous cycles on opening up the translations coordination mechanisms to the community, and identify how to grow further leadership in the community, and empower it to make it self-sustainable.

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Jono Bacon
David Planella
David Planella
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Accepted for oneiric
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David Planella
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David Planella

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Work items for oneiric-alpha-1:
[dpm] Review the translation deadline dates on the Oneiric release schedule and provide feedback to skaet: DONE
[dpm] Send an e-mail to skaet with the actions and timeline required to send translations-related announcements: DONE
[dpm] Find out suitable tasks for new volunteers willing to help: DONE
[andrej.znidarsic] Review Ubuntu translations imports queue in Launchpad before opening Oneiric translations: DONE

Work items for oneiric-alpha-2:
[andrej.znidarsic] Set up translation template priorities in Launchpad: DONE
[k-nielsen81] Release third Natty language pack (July): POSTPONED
[k-nielsen81] Release third Lucid language pack (July): POSTPONED
[dpm] Follow up with skaet about adding the langpack schedule to the main release (or interlock) schedule: DONE
[dpm] Set up weekly or biweekly meetings or calls to track the progress of the translations coordination actions during the Oneiric cycle: DONE
[dpm] Write a blog post with the summary of the sustainable translations goal and a call for help: POSTPONED
[dpm] Document all tasks in which the community can contribute to sustainable Ubuntu translations: POSTPONED
[dpm] Create an e-mail template in the Ubuntu wiki for each type of translations-related regular announcement: POSTPONED
[dpm] Create a wiki page with a list of translations coordination and advocacy tasks, with a short explanation and assignees: POSTPONED
[dpm] Document the redistribution of translations tasks every 6 months: POSTPONED
[dpm] Set up the language pack export schedule: DONE
[k-nielsen81] Release second Natty language pack (June): POSTPONED
[kelemeng] Take ownership of translations bug triaging: DONE
[kelemeng] Open translations for Oneiric in Launchpad: DONE

Work items for oneiric-alpha-3:
[kelemeng] Organize a translations bug day (11. August): INPROGRESS
[kelemeng] Set the translation focus for Oneiric in Launchpad: DONE
[andrej.znidarsic] Do a second review of the Ubuntu translations imports queue in Launchpad: DONE
[dpm] Extend or add documentation for the bugsquad on best practices for filing and triaging translation bugs: POSTPONED
[dpm] Notify the bugsquad about the new documentation on translation bugs triaging: POSTPONED

Work items for oneiric-beta-1:
[k-nielsen81] Release fourth Natty language pack (September): POSTPONED
[andrej.znidarsic] Do final review of the Ubuntu translations imports queue in Launchpad: DONE
[andrej.znidarsic] Review translation template priorities in Launchpad: DONE

Work items:
[k-nielsen81] Create the Oneiric language pack schedule: DONE
[rachidbm] Improve the ubuntu-l10n-tools scripts to have it ready as a package for wide usage: POSTPONED

--> [dpm, 20th May] I've refined the actions, broken them up in sizeable chunks and ordered according to milestones. To everyone who has actions assigned: please review if you are ok with them and provide some feedback if necessary.

[dpm, 3rd June] Everyone seemed happy with their actions.
Need to find an area for contribution for gwijde.maegherman

Moved 2 actions to this spec from:

-David will have less time to coordinate us
-More open and transparent workflow is also needed
-No more "black box" process is necessary to run things
-Can still 'ping' David with i18n issues via email to relay info to i18n community
Some potential problems are:
1) Having someone you can refer to with extensive LP knowledge, if you don't have the knowledge you self (David will still be able to do that)
2) Driving new initiatives. To do them right they might need people with more time than volounteers to get them through (Maybe solvable with a group of volounteers)
Translations coordination /community tasks (still not taken):
* Ubuntu translations import queue management in Launchpad
∘ Coordination of teams in the ubuntu-translators group
∘ Announcements related to translations
* Language packs:
  - Define the language pack generation schedule
  - Initiate and coordinate stable release updates
* Initiate and coordinate stable release updates for regualar packages to fix i18n bugs
IDEA: redistribute tasks every 6 months


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