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Zeno Albisser and Denis Dzyubenko, Jens Bache-Wiig, and Adam Weinrich from the Nokia Qt team will be at UDS to answer any questions and discuss topics such as upcoming features of Qt and its inclusion in the default Ubuntu install.

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Qt Webkit releases:
* Intention is to separate releases from the Qt source code
* Planned, but no ETA for now
* recommends 2.2 for Oneiric

* QReal is a double in most archs, but is not on ARM (where it is a float), and it takes a lot of effort to maintain that architecture
* Qt team: making it double is (maybe?) not going to happen because double is apparently slower (but ARM is slow anyway so we are not doing anything new :S) Qt team will reevaluate to see if this is still an issue with modern ARM architectures.

Qt 5:
* QWidgets should not be used on top of Qt Quick
    - QWidgets will remain rasterized
    - Qt Quick scenegraph will not use proxy widgets
    - Qt Quick OpenGL Scenegraph backend optional
    - Mesa fallback currently slow
    - Make use of Lighthouse platform (Android and various other ports of Qt)

Qt Contributor Summit in June (16th to 18th in Berlin)

Qt3 Support Compatibility
 - nobody wants it, due to go away
 - Many apps still use it, unfortunately :(
 - could be recompiled against Qt 5 if necessary but far more preferable to port apps

Qt in Wayland
* Simple input works already

Qt 4.8
 - due in a couple of months, package for oneiric

    - Work in 4.8 for widgets using the Qt-At-SPI bridge
   - some patches needed for best support, ask fregl
   - QML accessibility support also in progress

QML2 issues from KDE: http://community.kde.org/QML_issues
    - Size hint is implicitWidth and implicitHeight in Qt Quick 1.1+
    - Layouts wanted
* Will building qtwebkit as a separate package actually be supported in qt 4.8?
 without hacky patches to make qt assistant use qtwebkit
  - Feature request to add a build time switch to Qt Assistant
  - Must not introduce a build-dep loop (Qt modularity improvements in Qt5 will probably fix this)
  - Trolls will look in to it

* l10n in Qt5
   - There are several requests to use gettext
   - Could be done overriding tr calls to use gettext
   - Feasible for regular translation calls, but the method that loads plurals is not virtual, so it cannot be overriden
    - In Qt 5 there is the opportunity to fix that.

Phonon verions in 4.8
   - Is it getting updated? No, and it'll probably be removed in Qt5 and developers will be directed to Phonon upstream.
   - Distribution platforms such as Windows usually use 2 year old Phonon


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