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Discussion on plan for LoCo Team Directory during the UDS-O cycle.

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Kate Stewart
LoCo Team Portal Developers
LoCo Team Portal Developers
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Chris Johnston


* Integrated loco team help - how to start a loco team, etc
  * Maybe even automate it?
  * translations needed for this, so we should think of that too
  * static so that we can do translations
* Aggregate live LoCo news feeds
* Make a banner of random, pics on the main page or somewhere that shows people; can just be random like on summit
* Rss feed for a loco team tag - integrate planet-like feature into the loco directory
* Allow teams to add dynamic content to their teams page
* Make a feature for teams to do an after event 'report' or add images for events.

* Make LD spread the word about events, timely updates to social networks????
  * Similar to what Ubuntu Changes and Ubuntu Bugs do on identi.ca and twitter
  * Launchpad sends info to facebook to get people "living" there
 * ^^ not easy (pie in the face +1 +2),. also there are privacy concerns
    There is Code already, http://gitorious.org/tuno/tuno
    Privacy would be an issue when promoting public events? It's a public event...

* Don't want to replace loco team websites
* Don't want to hide/overshadow loco team websites
* Don't want to force teams to use the portal instead of the wiki or their own sites

We're discussing calling LD LoCo Team Portal instead of Loco Directory because of the kind of changes that we're having and we're no longer going to be a directory.

Work items:
[czajkowski] Static help information on getting a LoCo Team started: DONE
[ronnie.vd.c] List of teams grouped by language instead of continent: POSTPONED
[ronnie.vd.c] CSS/Theme changes for rss feeds from LoCo Teams/Users: DONE
[daker] photos on the loco directory frontpage or some page: POSTPONED
[daker] Read-write API for LD: POSTPONED
[effie-jayx] Announce the loco directory updates on twitter/facebook: POSTPONED
[mhall119] Set user profile according to Django standards: DONE
[mhall119] upgrade django-openid-auth (fix test cases): DONE
[mhall119] Use formatted text in agenda descriptions: POSTPONED
[mhall119] Investigate and choose reStructuredText, Creole, or Django templates for dynamic pages: POSTPONED
[mhall119] Live updates (rss from loco teams rss feeds) on the loco directory frontpage or some page: DONE
[mhall119] Install instructions for loco-directory to install in a virtualenv: DONE
[nigelbabu] Change the twitter stream to be live updates: POSTPONED
[nigelbabu] Mootbot to interface with LD: POSTPONED
[chrisjohnston] Discuss with design team about improving front page of LTP: POSTPONED
[chrisjohnston] Make the map dismissable (or maybe just smaller?)( on another page?): POSTPONED
[chrisjohnston] Live updates (rss from loco teams rss feeds) on the loco directory frontpage or some page: DONE
[chrisjohnston] Sanitize display name to follow a display name standard: DONE
[chrisjohnston] File RT to attempt to get south and django updated on the server: DONE
[chrisjohnston] File RT to get a weekly db dump to a location that devs can download to avoid having to run import-live-data: DONE

Note: RT has been sent in to get django and south updated. South has been updated as of 7/18/11.


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