Initiatives to involve new developers

Registered by Daniel Holbach

We want to start "get involved" initiatives. We need regular and well-attended Ubuntu development initiatives.

One approach might be: Put together a list of opportunities such as "bitesize" bugs, simple merges, simple FTBFS bugs, etc. As soon as the queue of the last "get involved" initiative is empty, put a new list together. Talk about the new queue in the videocast, mention it in the blog, facebook,, twitter, etc. Blog about progress. Run training sessions about the particular type of opportunity.

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Jono Bacon
Daniel Holbach
Daniel Holbach
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Accepted for oneiric
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.10
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Daniel Holbach
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Daniel Holbach

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 * Setup initiatives that would identify a set of tasks to attract new developers
 * similar to unity bitesize and papercuts
 * introduce new contributors
 * what about ubuntu-bitsize-bug channel on irc?
 * Put together a bottlenecks task force
 * Projects like Haskell rebuilds
 * Encourage a startpoint through bug triage or fix noisy lintian

Nigel and Stefano would help with setting up list of challenges

Packaging Guide:
Content for "challenges":
 - bitesize bugs
 - rcbugs tracker
 - merges
 - ftbfs fixes towards the end of the release
 - submit patches upstream
 - transitions
 - operation cleansweep
 - security issues

Work items for oneiric-alpha-1:
[dholbach] get bitesize script into ubuntu-dev-tools: DONE
[dholbach] announce bitesize script: DONE
[stefanor] bug 780977: add harvest link to ubuntu-sponsoring overview: DONE

Work items for oneiric-alpha-2:
[dholbach] bring long descriptions to harvest (bug 734746): DONE
[stefanor] bring long descriptions to harvest (bug 734746): DONE
[nigelbabu] help with setting up challenges / packaging training: POSTPONED

Work items for ubuntu-11.10-beta-1:
[dholbach] together with jcastro 2 weeks in advance of UGJ set up hitlist and coordinate with upstreams: POSTPONED

Work items:
[dholbach] investigate openhatch (updated Ubuntu page, discussions going on about supporting Launchpad): DONE
[bdrung] think about turning sponsor-patch into a check-before-submit tool: POSTPONED
[stefanor] think about turning sponsor-patch into a check-before-submit tool: POSTPONED
[dholbach] help with user-testing and documenting check-before-submit: POSTPONED
[stefanor] add a table with tasks from operation cleansweep to the ubuntu-sponsoring overview (bug 782112): POSTPONED
[stefanor] display harvest results in sponsor-patch (bug 833699): DONE


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