Improved Mootbot that outputs fully prepared minutes

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Mootbot is an IRC bot that monitors meetings and provides a transcript. This has been enhanced to output moin wiki syntax formatted minutes in the mootbot-uk instance. This spec is for a rewrite in python with enhancements in the output.

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there is a technical guide on how to use the hacked mootbot here

and a set of guidelines on how to conduct good meetings here

The general principal is that the process of doing the minutes after a meeting should consist of copy-paste-save. Any manual editing of the minutes is considered a bug in the mootbot output. The current mootbot writes the output as it goes along, this means that all the summary information can only be at the end of the output. A dedicated python bot could have in-memory data structures of the meeting and output a beautifully formatted set of minutes with summary information at the top.

Agreed - create a supybot plugin for Mootbot features - this can be added to Ubottu so the facility is available in all bot populated channels
* Add a quickly template for creating a supybot plugin - not done, starting from the Debian bot made this unneccessary
* test UTF-8 support and look at internationalisation of the plugin - DONE, the bot is being tested in hebrew and Brazillian Portugese along with the logfiles it creates.
* add [blueprint] command? - not done and I have no recollection of what this was supposed to do.
* greyscale background or other moin syntax for hilighting areas rather than the bright colours. - Moin output syntax has changed and does not have such bright colours. Investigating the possibility of writing and installing a Moin plugin to the wiki to format IRC logs in a more readable layout (have been working with the wiki theme on the new "light" theme for the wiki)
* consider adding support for mediawiki or html output formats - the Debian bot already has some support for this, not all formats have been tested
* consider pushing upstream to Debian - started from the Debian bot so it is upstream, will push up the voting support.
* evaluate Debian Meetbot as a starting point (already supybot but lacks voting support) - DONE, works well and have added voting support
* make commands sane and consistent (#endmeeting vs [TOPIC]) - DONE
* figure out a way to present the archive of files - possibly don't store them all forever - or just organise them nicely - not done yet.


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