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Assess if it's desirable to make all localized applications from universe also translatable in Launchpad, not only those from the main repository. If so, drive the implementation.

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[dpm] Assesment: First of all, assess if this is desirable/doable:
[dpm] Organize session at UDS. Discuss how language packs would be created for this.
[dpm] Consult Ubuntu Translators on their thoughts about this.
[dpm] Provide a list of how many packages this would affect, to have an idea if there is enough capacity to do this
[dpm] Create a resource for the coordination of this effort. This should be on the Ubuntu wiki

arnegoetje 2010-04-27: My thoughts on this:
 1. we don't want universe 'language-packs' for the following reasons:
  * we have already 700+ language-packs just for 'main' in the archive. Adding another 700+ packages is not something we want to do.
  * we would also need to split them up into categories, like gnome, kde and probably others. Where to draw the line?
  * we don't want to force users to install the translations for all applications (by category) in universe, just because they install one or two applications from universe.
 2. we could use bzr-import and -export and ship the translations in the packages directly, like we do now.
  * who triggers the export of the translations and when?
  * who makes sure the packages get rebuilt and the version number gets increased when translations are exported?
 3. we could establish a separate set of repositories with a stripped down dpkg, just for translations:
  * Pros:
   * we don't pollute the package archive with translation packages
   * we would have multiple repositories, one for each language(code) where users could subscribe to
   * if an application has multiple translation domains, the translation package for the given language would include the .mo files for all those translation domains
  * Cons:
   * someone would need to write a stripped down version of dpkg for managing the translation packages (packages could be simple tarballs, but they need to be managed by a registry on the user's machine). We basically need the same function, that dpkg provides, but without all the overhead necessary for application packages.
   * the package registry would need to be separate from the usual dpkg registry in order to not blow up the package cache


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