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A BoF discussion for the Ubuntu Hams Team to discuss the state of Amateur radio packages in the Ubuntu and what improvements to the offerings can be enacted.

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Proposed Agenda for the BOF:

 * Launchpad Ubuntu-Hams permanent sponsor (what's this C? Is this Ubuntu-Hams as the official maintainer in LP of the Amateur Radio packages?)
 * Implement a package adoption plan/program which also includes independent upstreams (e.g. D-Rats)
 * Upstream contact plan
 * Consider detailing how authors get their software in Ubuntu
 * Consider a jcastro upstream report for Ham Radio
 * Ubuntu-hams planet for blog aggregation
 * Marketing plan for Ubuntu-hams (including qsl cards logos, pins, emails, blog posts, t-shirts, etc)
 * Regular (monthly?) community meetings on IRC?
 * Regular (monthly?) community HF Net?

Project ideas from Kamal KA6MAL:

* List of ham applications for our own use (in Ubuntu, in Debian, neither)
    - general goal (?): pkg everything for Debian, sync from there.
* Pretty online catalog of ham applications we have
    - make a list, classify apps into major categories
      (digital radio applications, rig control, CW practice, ...)
    - collect screenshots / summary from all apps
* "Ham radio with Linux overview"
    - I often get asked what linux has to do with ham radio.
* Translations for ham applications
* Convert ham daemons to use upstart? (e.g. aprsd)
    - good or not good to convert daemons to upstart in general?
    - how does this relate to upstream (who writes the init scripts for most
      packages anyway)?

Random musings from Kamal KA6MAL:

* Terminology: "Ubuntu ham radio" versus "Linux ham radio"
    - I like the idea that we (the *Ubuntu* hams) are committed to
      tracking and supporting *Linux* ham software.
    - Ubuntu hams mission statement? (we are small, so we should be
      careful to not commit to too much).
* What can ubuntu-hams "take responsibility" for now?
    - ubuntu ham apps catalog
    - helping new users configure and use ham apps?
    - what committments are we making by offerring help/support?
    - are we skilled enough to be useful to ham newbies?
* Deprecation(?) of unsupportable ham apps (e.g. unixcw)
* Debian-hams can sometimes be unresponsive
    - I would like to see more overlap between ubuntu-hams and debian-hams
      (and linux-hams)


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