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Get in touch with all of the translations teams for a health check. Make sure to understand their needs and if they need help in any area. Raise awareness on the new team policies, especially on having information on the team's communication channel on their Launchpad page, along with info on how to join the team.

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Jono Bacon
David Planella
David Planella
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Accepted for maverick
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Jono Bacon
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David Planella

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Work items for maverick-alpha-1:
[dpm] Prepare a small launchpadlib script to obtain the Translation team admins' addresses in Launchpad: DONE
[dpm] Get the contact addresses of all Ubuntu Translation team admins in Launchpad: DONE
[dpm] Set up a survey to be sent to translation teams. This should include the above questions or a subset of the most important ones: DONE

Work items for maverick-alpha-2:
[dpm] Process the output and publish it on the wiki: DONE


Data published at - a summary to follow

Session notes:
Check the status of translation teams:
 - Send out a survey to team admins
  - prioritize on the top teams listed at and
  - ask them if they want to forward the questions to their team (if they themselves are inactive etc.)
  - provide only one answer per language team
  - put the responses on the wiki
  Questions: ?
  * Ask translators if they know the process, especially if they know about upstream and collaborate with them
   * With which upstreams do you work?
  * Ask team coordinators if they are subscribed to the translators mailing list
  * Is there any particular area in which they need advice or help?
  * Ask team coordinators how many active members there are in their team?
   * Active: for example members with a sustained translation activity in the last 6 months
  * Let team coordinators know about translation policies
   * If translation team coordinators are not subscribed to the ML, why?
  * Add relevant questions from:
    * Has your team got a moderated membership policy?
    * Does the team have updated contact information on their Launchpad page?
    * Does the team have translation guidelines, and they are linked to the team in Launchpad?
  * Which methods does the team use to keep track of translation problems in their language? (forum, ML, bugzilla, LP?)
  * Which extra tools do you use for translation, beside Launchpad? (wiki, glossary, bug tracker?)
  * Ask about the translation process: coordination with upstream, communication, review...


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