Communication with Translators via Launchpad

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One thing we've found out in the Ubuntu Manual project is that it's very, very hard to communicate with translators if they don't subscribe to the mailing list.

We'd like to have fuzzy translations enabled for our project - but also it would be good to talk about having some form of dialog or notes on the side of the translations where we can add special instructions.

Even just being able to edit the description up the top of the translation page could be useful.

I'd like to talk with some Launchpad folks about this at UDS.

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David Planella
Benjamin Humphrey
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Benjamin Humphrey
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Work items:
[adiroiban] File a bug on fuzzy matching on the rosetta project
[adiroiban] Implement moving the template description to the PO file view
[adiroiban] File a bug and investigate the implementation to edit translators comments in PO files (bug 25).
[humphreybc] Look at ways to improve the communication between projects and their translators
[humphreybc] Consider this?
[dutchie] Not 100% related, but a way to auto output translations would be nice (the bzr thing generates loads of conflicts on merge)

Session notes:

* Fuzzy translations is a separate discussion
  * To support this, a complete database redesign would be needed. This is not likely to happen from the Launchpad Translations side, but if someone would come up with a solid design proposal, they'd be happy to discuss it.

* Better way of reaching out to translators:
  * Proposal: move the template description to the PO file view (+translate page)

* Communication amongst translators:
  * Adi: it would be useful to be able to edit translators comments in PO files

* Ways to reach _all_ translators:
  * Trying to reach each and every translator is tricky, it can be perceived as spamming.
  * The current way is to e-mail the list where at least a member of the translation teams is subscribed.
  * Perhaps it would be good to create a way for maintainers to publish "news" items on project page, and make it available via RSS, so that interested translators may subsrcibe for future updates


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