Ubuntu Manual, Docs Team and Learning project collaboration

Registered by Benjamin Humphrey on 2010-04-09

This session is to discuss ways in which the Ubuntu Manual Project, The Ubuntu Documentation Team and the Ubuntu Community Learning Project can work together to produce a wide range of quality, focused educational materials for Ubuntu users.

As well as discussing collaborative opportunities, we will be talking about the actual implementation of sharing content, what tools/languages we will need to use and outlining a course of action for the Maverick release and beyond.

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== Activities ==

 * Docs team:
  * ubuntu-docs
  * help.ubuntu.com

 * Learning Materials project
  * Classroom course material writing

 * Ubuntu Manual team
  * The Ubuntu Manual

== Idea ==
 * single pool of content in common format
 * different teams pull from this pool
 * common format has to support all output (delivery) formats (going with whatever the doc team goes with, probably Mallard)
    - localization (text and images) is a requirement
    - ease of editing is critical for contributors

Work items:

Docs Team
[philbull] Decide on format for content pool: TODO
Various/Unassigned: Convert content into new pool: TODO

Manual Project
[humphreybc] Backend based content pool: TODO
[humphreybc] Launchpad project and bazaar branch: TODO
[godbyk] Mailing docs, manual and learning lists about progress: TODO
[humphreybc] Organize a meeting schedule: TODO
[humphreybc] First meeting something like two weeks from now, near the end of May: TODO
Make Content Website (Support Center) October 2010: TODO
Collaborative Website (Learning Center) April 2011: TODO
  - Use Bazaar backend:
Decide on project name at first meeting: TODO
Convert manual to docbook/mallard: TODO

Learning Project
[doctormo] Collaborative Editor for content pool: TODO
[doctormo] Ground Control for launchpad and bazaar interaction: TODO
[lyz] Convert existing sysadmin content by doctormo into docbook/mallard: TODO
[doctormo] Mailing docs, manual and learning lists about technical progress: TODO
[lyz] Set up a doodle poll so we know who can be where and when for an end of May meeting: DONE


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