Developer education on localization

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Creation of a central resource for developers to learn how to get their applications and packages localized, where both general information on internationalization and Ubuntu-specific is well documented. In particular, there is information on how localizable packages interact with Launchpad, and recipes on how an application can be localized for the most common programming languages and build systems in Ubuntu.

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Jono Bacon
David Planella
David Planella
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Accepted for maverick
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milestone icon ubuntu-10.10
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David Planella
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David Planella

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Work items for maverick-alpha-2:
[henninge] Define best practices in setting up a project for translation in Launchpad: DONE
[dpm] Integrate the documentation on recommended practices on setting up a project for translation in Launchpad in or on the i18n guide: DONE
[adiroiban] Investigate the new "build to branch" process and see how it will affect translations: DONE
[adiroiban] Document the new "build to branch" process: DONE
[dpm] Talk to dholbach about how developers generally expect documentation or learning material (docs, code samples, etc): DONE

Work items for maverick-alpha-3:
[knitzsche] Work with henninge and review and write the documentation on recommended practices on setting up a project for translation in Launchpad: DONE
[knitzsche] Look a the C and Python section examples in the coding section of the i18n guide, provide links to upstream documentation: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.10-beta:
[dpm] Review and complete POSTPONED
[dpm] Gather feedback from developers on the structure and content: POSTPONED
[dpm] Provide recipes for the most common internationalization tasks: POSTPONED
[dpm] Provide code snippets for the most common internationalization tasks: POSTPONED
[dpm] Ensure that application framework tools such as quickly follow these practices and allow seamless creation of internationalized applications. Translations should "just work": POSTPONED


* Best practices document by henninge at, added a link to it on the i18n guide at

* knitzsche: Internationalization Primer DONE. Internationalizing C and Python Primer: DONE. Submitted for D.P. review.

Session notes:

* Translations from a technical point of view are documented in a very scattered way

* Easy point of entry that covers the basics and then point to the general documentation

* Recipes:
 * Build from branch, a branch is pushed, a package is built and a template is automatically generated
 * Links to already set projects: hello-world
 * Create a ubuntu-hello-world

* Examples:
 * A ubuntu-hello-world project with several branches, each with each type of build infrastructure. Concentrate only on the most common ones.

* New sections or sections to document:
 * Internationalization of documentation (xml2po usage)


Work Items