Improving translation status reporting

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The purpose of this specification is to provide better translation status reporting at the distro level in a resource external to Launchpad Translations.

The main goals are:

 * Ubuntu translators, users and customers have an overview of the overall status of translation of the distro for a given language
 * Translations which need work done are easily identified

Blueprint information

David Planella
David Planella
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Accepted for lucid
Needs Infrastructure
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-10.04
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David Planella
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David Planella

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Work items:
[danilo] Add more information to the current raw data export -> (number of strings that needs review or changed from upstream, date of last change done for a template for each language, priority value): DONE
[danilo] Create raw data export for Lucid: DONE
[dpm] Work with adiroiban to finalize the templates priority -> DONE
[dpm] Identify high priority languages: POSTPONED
[dpm] Provide scripts to identify high priority translations which might need work: POSTPONED
[dpm] Improve scripts developed to generate POSTPONED
[dpm] Provide a web UI to present a summary of the statistics: DONE
[dpm] Define language tiers and process for promoting languages: POSTPONED

Lucid translation statistics at the distro level:

To define higher prority languages:

a) Languages in which UNR was first translated into

1. ar Arabic
2. ca Catalan
3. cs Czech
4. da Danish
5. de German
6. el Greek
7. en English
8. es Spanish
9. eu Basque
10. fi Finnish
10. fr French
11. gl Galician
12. he Hebrew
13. hu Hungarian
14. it Italian
15. ja Japanese
16. ko Korean
17. nb Norwegian Bokmaal
18. nl Dutch
19. pl Polish
20. pt Portuguese
21. pt_BR Portuguese (Brazilian)
22. ro Romanian
23. ru Russian
24. sk Slovak
25. sv Swedish
26. tr Turkish
27. zh_CN Chinese/Simplified
28. zh_TW Chinese/Traditional

b) Top 20 language packs by installation, based on popcon data (

1 English
2 Spanish
3 German
4 French
5 Portuguese
6 Russian
7 Italian
8 Polish
9 Chinese (Simplified/Traditional combined)
10 Japanese
11 Xhosa
12 Dutch
13 Czech
14 Bengali
15 Hungarian
16 Swedish
17 Arabic
18 Finnish
19 Greek
20 Catalan


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