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The global translations coordination process in Ubuntu will be clearly documented and more structure will be provided to the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team (UTC). This will allow a more transparent process for the community to participate in and will also allow to formalize all steps required for ensuring that an excellent native language support is delivered upon each release. At the same time, Ubuntu developers will have a clear point of contact for anything related to translations and will be aware of the actions the UTC team can perform to assist them.

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Work items:
[dpm] Provide a list of actions and processes to document: DONE
[dpm] Send an e-mail to the UTC list to gather feedback on those: DONE
[dpm] Document them at DONE
[adiroiban] Document manual upload of translation templates with lp-translator-tools: DONE
[adiroiban] Make a list of languages on the UTC wiki page with contact persons knowledgeable on the language, script, fonts: DONE
[dpm] Announce the list of language contacts, this should be useful in assessing which languages can be supported from the community: DONE
[dpm] Document Language pack generation (the coordination part with Arne): DONE
[arnegoetje] Document Language pack generation: DONE
[dpm] Document actions to perform during NonLanguagepackDeadline and LanguagepackDeadline: DONE
[dpm] Provide coordination with the release team on when translations are exported before release (contacted release team): DONE
[dpm] Document procedure for addition of new team members: DONE


pitti, 2010-02-18: wrt. the language pack documentation, what is missing from
 - design:
 - operator guide:

dpm, 2010-02-23: the idea of the documentation of the language pack generation was to provide a higher level view for members of the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team on what the procedure is to release language packs, both for the stable and development releases. The aim here is to enable participation so that not all the work falls on the shoulders of the language pack builders. In terms of missing information, there wasn't much information on Firefox language packs and their structure until now, for example. In fact though, I think all documents can complement each other, so I've just moved to be a subpage of TranslationsLifecycle with more technical information on language packs and the procedure to generate them. I'll leave the Recipes at the end of the page as they are, since that's what I find most interesting for the UTCs (apart from the awesome and detailed documentation Arne has produced!), and will include them in the UbuntuTranslationsCoordinators namespace.


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