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We built a great tool, let's tell the world!

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What else should we be doing?

On the internet.
 - cloud.u.c. facelift... similarly juju.ubuntu.com
 - follow-up on charm contribs
 - help solve individual problems with charms

In Real life:
 - More charm schools!
   professionalize them, 2-hr format, examples, intros, ┬át-shirts
   - train the trainer
   - find qualified trainers
   - kickoff for this process
   - Charm School every UDS and platform sprints (early in the week)
   - Juju team office hours at UDS and platform sprints

 - Shows
 - Professional Conferences
    - scale
    - velocity (june usually, very important)
    - cloudcamps (
    - meetups (node.js meetup)

- Juju labs (collection of tools,scripts,hacks around juju that people can mess with, bring the good ones into core)
  - best practices
    - aliases
    - tools

We prefer office hours to irc talks

best practices for charm schools:
 - projectors (2)
 - tables (hack style)
 - presenter (story to tell, scratched an itch, convert) (Marco)
 - juju expert present (dev and charmer ideally)
 - power
 - bring your own laptop
 - network
 - landing page for prep work
 - marketing
 - post-event report
 - metrics
 - everything in hash-juju for now
 - media (both video and audio)
 - leverage existing loco teams
 - charm school early in the events... then lightning talks at the end can demo charms written

General charm school notes
 - leadup messaging... basics/demo first? (do what Marco did)
 - Charm leaders need content/references so they can come to events prepared
 - Can/should be its own event (like a mongo-meetup)
 - promote via twitter/etc...
 - Contact upstreams
 - Piggyback on existing events
 - Best practice for charm school is to invite experienced charmers to demo new stuff... align charmschools with milestones

Work Items:
[clint-fewbar] talk to scale orgs for charm school: DONE
[jorge] look at planning a charm school about a month after cloudcamp san jose: DONE
[jorge] start velocity charmschool planning: DONE
[jorge] start charmschool LISA?: POSTPONED
[jorge] start charmschool usenix?: POSTPONED
[jorge] start charmschool devopsdays: DONE
[jorge] start charmschool gluecon?: DONE
[jorge] start charmschool strata?: POSTPONED
[jorge] start charmschool surge?: POSTPONED
[jorge] start charmschool oscon?: DONE
[jorge] look at mongo for ideas for process... community-run events... where charmschool should go: DONE
[marcoceppi] DC regional Charm Leader: DONE
[mainerror] Budapest regional charm leader: POSTPONED
[negronjl] Get mongo involved in SF: DONE
[jorge] robbie-w about funding / time/ travel resources (schwag too) sponsoring community charmers (marco to posscon!) : DONE
[jorge] mugs and stuff for original charmers: DONE
[jorge] publish best practices on the juju mailing list so the community knows what we're doing: DONE
[jorge] Talk to Platform sprint planners about having a public charm school at platform sprint in budapest.: DONE
[jorge] Map out juju/charmer locations against conferences and make a coverage chart: DONE
[jorge] Work with juju to plan out office hours for the juju team: DONE
[jorge] "Why host a charm school"? "handout" for conference leaders: TODO
[jorge] "How to run a Charm School" documentation on the wiki: DONE


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