One hundred papercuts for trusty

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Let's talk plans and needs for the one hundred papercuts project ( for the trusty cycle

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Papercuts are easily fixable but very annoying bugs.
Our mission is to improve the user experience in Ubuntu by reducing them.

We'll be having a submit at "Thursday 15:05 - 16:00 UTC" on

This will be interesting for you if you want:
- To meet people involved.
- To share ideas on how to reduce papercuts.
- To share ideas about how to make Ubuntu community accessible to all kinds of people.

Project page:
Wiki page:

Goals for the project:
Make ubuntu better, and make it easy to contribute

    Make joining Ubuntu simpler

    Communicate it to the people that can be interested, and how it links with their own goals

What is an easy bug?

    could be fixed in one day

    known issue, able to be reproduced

    you can help even if you aren't able to code

    most of the work done in bugfixing isn't overly technical work

    set priority

    report bug upstream

ubuntu bug day

    bugsquad centric

    list of bugs that were fixable, divide them up and fix them :-)

how involved is the original reporter to the bug in solving it?

    yes, they could be involved

    the reporter could fix with simple guidance

New releases often contain bugs; however they are often easy to fix

    how can I help make the transition easier for people?

Just what can I do to make ubuntu better?

Make it easier to fix bugs

    update wiki

    make it more interesting and easier to read and understand

    think of your grandmother :-)

Communicate project

    find a potential target audience

    tell them!

    most audience can be anyone, not necessarily just linux geeks

Do we have a list of 100 bugs/papercuts for trusty?

    Bugs for the "One Hundred Papercuts" project are only for the later current release (Saucy) and the future one (Trusty)

    The rest are old ones, and have to be asked if they still affect one of these releases


    can we maintain a list of experts for bugs that are hard?

    just ask the papercut ninjas! (mailing list works best)

    <email address hidden>

    experts will be in there

Let's keep in simple :-)
qengho1> balloons:There are no formulas for getting rid of bugs. If there were, we would not have those bugs. The Launchpad URL list of many dozens of varying difficulties of bugs is all we should need to give to people.
AlbertoSN> The 80% of bugs are managed in a predictable way: this is where Papercuts Ninjas can help a lot on.

Potential tool? linuxtech has idea for tool based on how-can-i-help package at


Work Items

Work items:
Revamp bug fixing / workflow documentation on the wiki: TODO
[es20490446e] Find the target audiences, and list them here, so we can communicate the project to them when the momment had arrived: TODO
<linuxtech> Investigate a how-can-i-help-ubuntu package based on Debian's how-can-i-help package and propose to mailing list: TODO
[cmiller] Ruthlessly go through 100PC bugs on LP and remove ones that are stale or not easy: TODO

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