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A roundtable discussion with an open agenda to allow folks to give feedback and discuss anything not otherwise scheduled as a UDS session. Items to discuss should be noted on the whiteboard.

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as RL is keeping me real busy at the moment, one of things I'd like to be on the agenda is that of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom we had a couple of gaps this cycle, and whilst they are mainly due to work-load and the fast changing things such as re-writing all the test cases; I'd like to highlight this area for discussion. By the time of the vUDS things should have settled down a bit, but I'd like for a "plan 'B'" in case I'm not available.

What about the classroom sessions?


Hallo to everybody.
I've noted the impair situation about UbuntuKylin in front of Ubuntu.
It is not a flavour of Ubuntu, is Ubuntu for the Chinese people, so we can see the lacks of the testcases adopted for LVM and others.
How we as Quality group can manage this situatio n for the Chinese people that cannot use an english tracker ?
Have them their reserved Chinese channels ?
Canonical and Chinese government starts this project, so we have to put some more effort to better raise this problem coordinating also with the UbuntuKylin teams.
My best wishes to all of you.

We collab with them mainly around images.
Collab is harder due to language and timezone
Any idea for helping test non-english applications?


I think we should have an small session about the state of the subteams, like server-testing, laptop-testing, lubuntu-testing, xubuntu-testing.... and others.

Just to see and share the status of these teams and look if they have some problems.

We're talking about quality flavor teams

Is there going to be more hackfests for testcases start of next cycle?

I would like to see someone take the lead on making sure we have latest stable releases of some server software, packages that are critical to DNS mail etc...
-perhaps running the normal release of ubuntu as a server (dealing with change, upgrades)
-file sru's for any security issues you find
-potentially collaborate with backports to backport newer versions
-check with package maintainers to ensure stable versions recieve timely updates

with Autopilot soon to be 1.4 is there going to any major changes, like it was from 1.2 to 1.3 ?
No. Tests should continue to work as they do now.


Work Items

Work items:
[nskaggs] Plan hackfests for next cycle: TODO
[nskaggs] Plan classroom sessions for next cycle: TODO
[phillw] Plan classroom sessions for next cycle: TODO
[nskaggs] Look at server packages and frequency of backports and SRU's: TODO

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