Review common user customizations and consider for defaults

Registered by Matt Zimmerman

The Ubuntu community has developed a number of resources aimed to provide instruction or automation for groups of common system customizations, such as installing additional packages and performing certain types of configuration. These include EasyUbuntu, automatix and the ubuntuguide.

Review these resources and determine which items can be provided by default, or in a cleaner, official way

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Scott James Remnant (Canonical)
Michael Vogt
Needs approval
Michael Vogt
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Accepted for feisty
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Started by
Matt Zimmerman
Completed by
Michael Vogt

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Needs more discussion; in particular I'd like to present a category of "most popular" add-ons. Unfortunately I didn't have time for much of this during Edgy, but it will be a high priority for the team for Feisty. -mdz, 2006-10-27

Shouldn't need substantial revision for feisty. Michael to briefly review the notes from the most recent BOF and make any necessary adjustments, then go directly to pending approval. -mdz, 2006-11-07

Approved, mdz 2006-11-07

How can this be approved already? The spec on the wiki is still vague, with comments and unanswered questions. It's not clear what it's meant to achieve, or if this is the best way to achieve things. Murray Cumming, 2006-11-14

There are plenty of specific, actionable items on the wiki page which are targets for Feisty. it's true that there are many comments and questions, and they should be moved to a separate section. Often they have been added by casual visitors to the wiki -mdz

2007-01-31: I mark the spec "Implemented". All action items are adressed, only "frostwire" and "mozilla-jss-libraries" are missing (explaination in the spec).

2007-03-06: Since Frostwire doesn't work with Beryl (unless you add a line to your .bashrc and only launch from the terminal) thanks to a Java bug, why not GTK-Gnutella instead? It uses GTK so there can't be any WM conflicts with those libraries. (macogw aka Mackenzie)


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