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This blueprint is to track the tasks for supporting "trusted sessions" within Unity8. In short this is the association of applications which have "trust" capabilities and their ability to invoke one another to share data. A common example used for explanation is from within the Gallery app to launch a trust session with Facebook to share a picture.

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as of May2
There's been loads of discussion around Trust Session & what that means in terms of application id, process id, and Mir session id. This text is meant to capture the current understanding.
- Trust Session tracking will utilize Mir session id's as a means to track (at least for phase1, in the future this may shift to "surface groups")
- Trust Session of unity-mir is "invoked" via the callbacks of trustedsessionlistener
(trustedSessionXXXX which are Starting, Stopping, Beginning, Ending) as called by the trusted helpers (such as content hub)
- Content-hub data sharing is already in place and work, just not within the trusted-session context

mir work

unity-mir work

u-s-c & platform-api only as its needed to change to accomodate the i/f addition between Mir & unity-mir

who's doing what
dednick - unity-mir side of things
alan_g - helping with mir
? - i thought kenvandine - trust store (


Work Items

Work items:
[nick-dedekind] add trusted session tracking to unity-mir : INPROGRESS
[nick-dedekind] add trust session interface to mir to get session info : INPROGRESS
[alan-griffiths] alter mir to support trust session req's (e.g. create session for child app prior to launch) : INPROGRESS
integrate trust store, unity-mir & mir trust-session, and test against helpers : TODO

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