Unity8 UI Touch/Desktop shell, 14.10 tasks

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This blueprint is to track the features of the Unity8 greeter, infographic and related interactions with display server & applications. This blueprint specifically maps to the "U" series of Ubuntu.
Please see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1404-unity-ui-shell for work performed for Trusty/14.04

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Other items for discussion
- app life cycle
  * tune oom killing based on recent use (should it be all shell?)
  * keep track of killed apps & last view in spread (for relaunch)
- dual sim ui
- remaining welcome wizard work

Saviq, May 29th
Session management pad: http://pad.ubuntu.com/session-mgmt-unity8


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-14.05:
[macslow] Notification (frontend) - modal snap-decisons: DONE
[macslow] unity-system-compositor - EGL-based boot-animation: DONE
[macslow] Notification - sound-playback support: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.06:
[mzanetti] complete right-edge navigation for tablet (consideration for sidestage): INPROGRESS
[nick-dedekind] Active Call Hint add ability to show in-call while away from phone app & tap to get back: DONE
[macslow] Notification (backend) - put white-list protection mechanism in place to prevent non-system services/processes to use extended snap-decisions: INPROGRESS

Work items for later:
[veebers] measurements setup for memory profiling & user experienc (altho ux coveredin another bp, veebers on ap issues atm): POSTPONED
[veebers] create memory profiling a ui journey, to create a baseline for tracking: TODO
[dandrader] support for gesture acceptance and rejection in unity8+mir (needs the "qml as mir compositor" work to land before I can put that work on top of it): DONE
[dandrader] create shell logic to have the shell act on the gesture, or dispatch to app: DONE
[mzanetti] Tests for Components/InputFilterArea.qml (requires ApplicationManager to work on desktop): POSTPONED
[macslow] Notification (frontend) - new colors/sizes/layout (3 option style: "end call+answer", "hold+answer" and "decline") for action-buttons (requires support for ComboButton in SDK): DONE
[macslow] Notification - Provide confirmation notification-type (blocked on Design currently): DONE
[macslow] Notification - 3rd-party developer-documentation, examples, guidelines: INPROGRESS
[macslow] Notification (frontend) - add drop-shadows/improve contrast against dark background: TODO
[macslow] Notification - haptics/feedback support: TODO
HUD - add tests for volumepeakdetector: POSTPONED
HUD - Add support for custom toolbar items for applications: POSTPONED
HUD - Phone Preview portal, implement a preview mode per the design spec: POSTPONED
HUD - Implement blur & correct visual design: POSTPONED

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