Unity8 launcher UI work, 14.10 tasks.

Registered by Michał Sawicz on 2014-04-24

This blueprint captures the relevant ui features around the Unity8 launcher.

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kevin gunn
Unity Team
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Unity UI Team
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Proposed for utopic
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milestone icon ubuntu-14.10

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Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-14.05:
[ted] Implement DBus API fo setting counters on launcher items: DONE

Work items for later:
Fix snapping bug in Qt ListView affecting Launcher implementation (take 2, first solution wasn't good for upstream and convinced us it's not good either): POSTPONED
Get fix snapping bug in Qt ListView accepted in upstream Qt: POSTPONED
App installation animation: TODO
App launching animation: TODO
App alert signal, icon pops out of hidden launcher & wobbles: TODO
drop to add to launcher' msg (Drag'n'drop across launcher boundry requires MIR integration landed): BLOCKED
Persistent app alert signal, for phone pip or triangle to left appears: TODO
Highlight drop receptacles for selected items, e.g. select web text to drop into a word doc: TODO
support for launching apps in a "locked" state with multiple user: BLOCKED
Trash empty animation (trash on phone?): BLOCKED
touch gesture to 'locked out' launcher, like extended drag: BLOCKED
dim icons when Dash open (doesn't make sense for phone?): BLOCKED
temp unfold on launch (low prioirty, only on locked out launcher? not doing locked out launcher on 13.10): TODO
add visual indications of running apps (not a req today for phone): BLOCKED
On autopilot, if you drag the launcher using a single move event, Launcher can end up displaced by N pixels to the right (detached from the left edge). Find out why and fix it: TODO

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