Dash component for Unity8, 14.10 tasks

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This blueprint is meant to capture the features per spec of the Dash evolution for Unity8.

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kevin gunn
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milestone icon ubuntu-14.10


Work items brought over from:

Doc listing tasks from implementation review:

kgunn queries:
- will pushdown effect be on cards regardless of layout style e.g. grid vs carousel ?
- ok not a question...potential priority items (no dependency on design afaik)
  * use back chevron everywhere
  * enable Dash customization
  * Dash as an app
  * AP navigation test
  * memory baseline profiling

Design spec site:

Saviq May 9th:
Departments API proposal: http://pad.ubuntu.com/dash-departments-shell-api


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-14.05:
[aacid] implement system for minimal cards to improve performance: DONE
[cimi] implement shadow under carousel cards: DONE
[cimi] make progress widget half-wide: DONE
[aacid] use "back" chevron everywhere in Dash: DONE
[aacid] add scopes interface definition to lp:unity-api: DONE
[aacid] investigating how we can drop our delegate range patches in favour of upstream displayMargin property: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.06:
[aacid] separate dash into a standalone app: TODO
[aacid] close apps by swiping up/down on spread: INPROGRESS
[aacid] dash scopes overview: INPROGRESS
[unity-team] implement collapsible preview widgets: TODO
[unity-team] implement table preview widget: TODO
[aacid] integrate vertical journal view: DONE
[unity-team] integrate horizontal journal and organic grid views: TODO
[unity-team] store search history in U1Db: TODO
[cimi] add pushdown effect to dash cards: INPROGRESS
[aacid] add view elements for Departments: DONE
[paulliu] implement attributes UI: INPROGRESS
[mhr3] implement departments in unity-scopes-shell: INPROGRESS
[cimi] implement emblem icon: INPROGRESS
[unity-team] transition to new SDK header component: TODO

Work items for later:
[cimi] implement buffering progress in audio preview widget (QTBUG-38688): BLOCKED
measure baseline memory usage: TODO
experiment for reducing memory usage, potential unload of offscreen images: POSTPONED
Progress indication (e.g. app installation in dash cards, pending design): BLOCKED
enable Dash customization (order of master scopes, pending design): BLOCKED
Stages interaction autopilot tests: TODO
add autopilot navigation test: TODO
enable embedded video playback (blocked on out-of-process playback): BLOCKED
implement bottom bar behaviour (design reiterated): BLOCKED
create Places master scope view including embedded view of map.png (see design spec link in whiteboard): BLOCKED
create Places master scope "category expansion" for map/path, weather, near by, event, transport, & destinations: BLOCKED
implement category index view: BLOCKED
[dandrader] move the (x) icon for quitting the app closer to where the interstection of the (x) is on the top left corner of the running app window (might be removing x altogether, instead swipe up in spread to quit): POSTPONED
implement new header in dash (waiting for SDK): BLOCKED
implement scope favouriting (waiting for new header): BLOCKED
implement scope settings (no design or SDK support): BLOCKED

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