Delivering a Unity 8 Session for Ubuntu 14.04

Registered by Stephen M. Webb

Deliver a Unity 8 session running on Mir for the Ubuntu 14.04 desktop for evaluation and demonstration purposes.


(1) Provide a Unity8/Mir session
    - integration with LightDM
    - integration with Upstart
    - changes to qtubuntu for desktop
    - mir-on-mir enablement
    - platform-api changes

(2) Provide a Desktop Mode for Unity8
    - assume tablet mode only for 14.04

(3) Enable key core Touch applications for both Unity7 and Unity8 (gallery, notes, camera, browser, calculator)
    - mouse and keyboard interactions in platform-sdk
    - menu changes for desktop form factor
    - dash behaviour


Work Items

Work items:
[bregma] change QtUbuntu to provide a non-Android package: DONE
[robert-ancell] enable Unity8-on-Mir to run on unity-system-compositor on the desktop: DONE
[bregma] modify LightDM wrapper-script to accommodate non-X11 sessions: DONE
[bregma] modify Upstart session configurations as required: INPROGRESS
[raof] fix crashes in Mir getting an EGL context on the Desktop: DONE
[robertcarr] modify Mir to support nested instances on the Desktop: INPROGRESS
modify platform-api to cope with missing sensors: DONE
[bregma] modify QtUbuntu to us OpenGL on the Desktop: INPROGRESS
[raof] fix input device detection in Mir: INPROGRESS
add cursor-based input support (#1289072): TODO
[bregma] fix application launch support: DONE
add basic session support (logout) (#1285194): TODO

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