Publishing Raring-based Ubuntu Touch Images

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Review the Ubuntu Touch specific changes and rebase them on top of Raring.

Doesn't need to be in the archive, and will be used as base to later have CI jobs publishing the packages at the archive once the s-series is open for development.

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Ricardo Salveti
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Accepted for raring
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Ricardo Salveti
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As Raring is now in feature freeze, and we don't want to block our current testing and daily publishing effort until it's finally released, we decided to rebase our changes and apps on top of Raring, but publishing at a PPA instead (~phablet-team/ppa, as we have for Quantal).

Publishing at the PPA will help us getting into a better state sooner, without creating more work for the Ubuntu release team and allowing us to have more time to deal with our own package customizations (network-manager, pulseaudio, etc). At the same time we'll be able to generate working images based on Raring right after the packages are published at the PPA, which will help us filling all the gaps to plan an smoother transition once S-series is open for development.


Work Items

Work items:
[sergiusens] Change CI jobs to enable publishing to both quantal and raring: DONE
[sergiusens] Create a new ibs build based on raring: DONE
[sergiusens] Update the android jenkins job to also publish raring based images (not necessarily series related, but it might have differences at platform-api and libhybris): DONE
[sergiusens] Security passthrough request for new IBS project and jenkins (i.e.; firewall DONE
[ogra] Have cdimage publish the raring build: DONE
[sergiusens] disable quantal package publishing when the switch is done: DONE

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