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Work items and planning for the Upstream Merger (s-jenkins) continuous integration service.

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Update ps-qa-tools to generate a 'minimal' desktop VM.
ccache concerns/updates (
Throughput improvements for generic-mediumtests and qmluitests (
SSH Key update:
 - Removal of "martin's" led to the need to update all jenkins builders and VMs to use a new set of keys.
 - This has been completed for all systems in regular use and operational (i.e. there are some pandas that have not been updated because they are unusable).

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New hardware?


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.07:
[fginther] Update ssh-keys on all builders and VMs after removing martin's: DONE
[fginther] Create a minimal VM for desktop testing (lp:1199434): DONE
[fginther] update libvirt plugin: DONE
[chris.gagnon] update keys and backup VMs for ps-clean-precise-i386 and ps-android-precise-server-amd64: DONE
[chris.gagnon] restore 6 phones in Lexington after a bad update left them in a state where they would not boot: DONE
[chris.gagnon] investigate kvm settings for edid, so video works correctly: DONE
[chris.gagnon] connect monitor to dx-autopilot-ati and watch output with jibel and tvoss for unity-system-compositor troubleshooting: DONE
[chris.gagnon] look for firmware update on stormtroopers to fix bios bug causing buffer underruns on intel video cards (no updates): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.08:
[fginther] Fix autopilot ppa sync issues: DONE
[chris.gagnon] setup ci job to run mir stress test on DONE
[chris.gagnon] setup job to pin qa ppa install xmir and run openarena tests on all machines on mir jenkins DONE
[om26er] Change touch CI jobs to not download artifacts from the wireless network rather push them through adb: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.09:
[fginther] /tmp on ps-generic-precise-amd64 filled up, investigate: TODO
[fginther] Add xsltproc script to pbuilderjenkins: TODO
[fginther] Create backups of quantal, raring and saucy VM images: INPROGRESS
[fginther] ps-qa-tools PUBKEY warning cleanup: TODO
[fginther] Do something with private hook D10specifictests: TODO
[fginther] Add ssh-key info to a wiki page: TODO
[fginther] Document ps-jenkins administrative tasks: TODO
[fginther] Upstream merger documentation: INPROGRESS
[om26er] Publish image build number for test run on touch devices: DONE
[om26er] Do necessary changes in the generic-mediumtests-touch jobs to run uitoolkit tests: INPROGRESS
[fginther] Setup otto slaves for autopilot tests: DONE
[fginther] Convert to using ubuntu-system image for touch slaves: DONE
[fginther] Setup munin monitoring on physical slaves and non-reverted VMs: TODO

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