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Registered by Tony Travis on 2008-02-25

The 'biobuntu' project is part of the NBX (NuGO Black Box) project, which supports data sharing and bioinformatics for scientists working on the NuGO (Nutritional Genomics Organisation) EU-funded Framework-6 project. The project began as a port of Debian-based NEBC bio-linux ( to Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS. The 'biobuntu' prototype is deployed as an openMosix Beowulf cluster (, lab-scale NBX servers (e.g., personal workstations and a live DVD. Work is currently underway to replace openMosix with Kerrighed for clustering biobuntu, and for adoption of GRID extensions to the Kerrighed Kernel for participation of 'biobuntu' instances in the EU-Funded XtreemOS project from INRIA ( The purpose of this blueprint is to invite collaboration on a generic 'biobuntu' version with support for Kerrighed clusters.

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Tony Travis
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Tony Travis on 2008-02-29

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An Ubuntu 8.04 LTS version of Bio-Linux 5.0 is now available at:

I propose to develop 'biobuntu' as a generic community edition of NEBC Bio-Linux that can be used as the basis of customised Ubuntu-based bioinformatics workstation/server distributions for specific user groups. A beta release of "NuGO-Linux" is available at:

An additional objective of this blue-print is to focus on running 'biobuntu' under a Kerrighed Linux kernel. A prototype ten-node 18p Kerrighed Beowulf cluster is now running under Bio-Linux 5.0 at:
Our next objective is integrating Bio-Linux instances into an XtreemOS-based Bioinformatics Grid. This is related to the Easy Ubuntu Clustering blueprint: and associated forum discussion at:


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