Automatic hotplug printer configuration

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In Breezy, nothing happens if a user plugs in a USB printer. In order to make its setup easier, the user should automatically get an offer to configure it, and get guided through the installation.

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added pitti as the assignee - JaneW
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Mandriva Linux does Plug'n'Print via UDEV and printerdrake, see also the spec proposal of replacing gnome-cups-manager by printerdrake:

2006-10-19: Let's talk about this again at UMV with Till on board; a lot of things changed since the last time

2006-11-09 pitti: does not need a discussion round, we already handled this in the other printing spec BoFs

2006-11-27 pitti: wrote up the remaining bits (very thin spec, though)

2007-01-31: added dependency, needs printerdrake first

2007:-04-17 till: Duplicate posted:

2007-07-20 till/pitti: Removed the dependency on printerdrake, every other printer setup tool can be modified to set up the queue when triggered by udev/hotplug/HAL.

2007-07-30 till: Plug'n'Print under Ubuntu finally works! With the fix of bug #127841 only hal-cups-utils needs to be installed and then HAL triggers a completely non-interactive automatic setup of a printer plugged into the USB. Now the script needs only some polishing, like a better automatic selection of the PPD, use of HPLIP with HP printers and setting up an additional fax queue for HP multi-function devices with fax.

2007-08-07 till: Most important usability issues of system-config-printer are fixed now and we have a good collaboration with upstream maintainer Tim Waugh. Now we only need to fix bug #130903.

2007-08-15 till: The changes in the seeds are done, so this spec is implemented. Pitti, can you close it?


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