To allow the automatic configuration of the frequencies horizontal and vertical of the monitors

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From version in version, I must go to configure xorg.conf with the hand for entry the frequencies of horizontal and vertical cooling. It would not be possible that that this configures automatically. For example my monitor "IIYAMA 901 HT" supports: Horizontal = 31-82 Vertical = 55-120. Thank you

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Bryce Harrington
Bryce Harrington
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2007-08-30 bryce: Will be targeting for Hardy Heron or Hardy+1, depending on magnitude of changes needed.

2007-11-21 bryce: Spec is fully fleshed out; now awaiting approval.

2007-12-19 bryce: This is now largely complete, as of xorg (1:7.3+8ubuntu1) uploaded yesterday. This includes David Nusinow's reworking of the xorg.conf generation for Debian (which matches up with what we outlined for this spec), which no longer lists resolutions, depths, etc. We can now drop xresprobe and laptop-detect. Remaining issues include consideration of configuration migration (i.e., should we force regeneration of xorg.conf, or do something more clever?) and reviewing/updating the bugs mentioned in this spec. And plenty of testing of course, but we have ample time for that between now and release.

2008-03-10 bryce: This is considered complete now. There are a few corner cases where monitors aren't reporting proper EDID (such as if used with a KVM that drops the EDID pin) where rates must be manually specified, but it will never be possible to autodetect these; something like displayconfig-gtk is the right tool to use in these cases if one wishes to not deal with direct xorg.conf editing. Other unique cases, where the monitor is reporting EDID, but improperly, are being handled via monitor quirks into xserver on a case-by-case basis as they're discovered.


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