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Registered by Umang Varma on 2008-11-15

If Ubuntu is to have a better look and feel, then there needs to be a higher level of collaboration between artists who generate great themes and coders who can put these to use and make great themes. Right now, an artist needs to know someone who can code a theme directly to be able to make one. For any ordinary graphic designer, coding a GTK theme isn't easy. I propose that a platform be given to both coders and artists for collaboration, where they can produce finished pieces of art and take appropriate credits for the work.

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This would require a website to be setup where an artist can show samples of their work and put it up for development. Once a coder is chosen (either by reputation or sample work, etc) then coder takes control of the coding. The coder can also form a team of coders that he/she will head. They can together code the artwork into the appropriate form.

Once the theme is made, credit will be given to everyone who contributed (artist, main coder, coding team, etc). The same team, or another team can be assigned to maintain the theme.

Another important feature of this would be some sort of version control for the themes. Though it would be hard to made a version control system like we have for code (like SVN, CVS or Bazaar) it would still help a team of coders in making their theme.

The theme can also get a launchpad like project management system where bugs can be reported, ideas can be suggested, and questions can be discussed (or answers be given).

This is my blueprint for a ever improving collection of artwork for Linux desktops.


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