Hardware Enablement for Arm Quad Core A9 Platform

Registered by Matt Waddel

Working with the Linaro team we need to validate software required to
run an ARM Versatile Express A9 Quad Core system. This task includes
pushing patches to upstream and Ubuntu repositories for the u-boot
bootloader, the ARM Linux kernel, and specific user packages. This
task requires working with QA to find, track, and fix bugs. Develop a
qemu port for this system that can validate an emulation model along
with the hardware.

Blueprint information

Loïc Minier
Matt Waddel
Needs approval
Matt Waddel
Series goal:
Proposed for maverick
Milestone target:
Started by
Matt Waddel
Completed by
Matt Waddel

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Work Items:
[mwaddel] identify a u-boot version to consolidate ARM patches into: DONE
[mwaddel] port ARM u-boot changes in branch 090728_armdevCS to next u-boot branch: DONE
[mwaddel] resolve differences between the 2 versions of u-boot: DONE
[mwaddel] push changes through jcrigby to mainline u-boot: DONE
[mwaddel] Serial port validation: DONE
[mwaddel] DRAM test validation: DONE
[mwaddel] Flash validation: DONE
[mwaddel] Ethernet validation: DONE
[mwaddel] Kernel boot validation: DONE
[mwaddel] identify standard kernel version from arm-m-kernel-version-alignment spec: DONE
[mwaddel] identify differences from booting kernel (2.6.28-arm2-v2-smp-l2-n): DONE
[mwaddel] incorporate changes to ubuntu or linaro git trees: DONE
[mwaddel] work with QA (plars) to determine quad core relevant tests: DONE
[mwaddel] resolve bugs and code changes with ARM: DONE
[mwaddel] Memory validation: DONE
[mwaddel] Ethernet validation: DONE
[mwaddel] CPUs (4) validation: DONE
[mwaddel] UARTs (2-4) validation: TODO
[mwaddel] SD/MMC validation: DONE
[mwaddel] CF validation: TODO
[mwaddel] USB host (2) validation: DONE
[mwaddel] USB gadget validation: TODO
[mwaddel] USB otg validation: TODO
[mwaddel] Keyboard (PS2) validation: DONE
[mwaddel] Mice (PS2) validation: DONE
[mwaddel] JTAG (BDI) validation: DONE
[mwaddel] ALSA audio validation: DONE
[mwaddel] Video (DVI) validation: DONE
[mwaddel] build a qemu based image from u-boot and kernel work: POSTPONED
[mwaddel] incorporate changes into linaro-media-create script: DONE
[mwaddel] resolve boot issues with rootfs: DONE
[mwaddel] push qemu-maemo changes to upsream repository: DONE
[mwaddel] work with CodeSourcery liason: POSTPONED
[mwaddel] identify key packages to display system functionality: DONE
[mwaddel] identify and develop a deployment method: DONE
[mwaddel] check with ARM on any custom user space requirements: POSTPONED
[mwaddel] build an "armel type" rootfs: DONE
[mwaddel] work with QA to validate packages: POSTPONED
[mwaddel] document test requirements and methods: DONE
[mwaddel] document deployment steps: DONE

U-Boot: Porting 090728_armdevCS to the next branch of u-boot.
Based on the latest changes for armv7 in u-boot from Steve Sakoman.
U-Boot: Ported to next branch. Boots a Linux Kernel.


Work Items

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