Kubuntu Mobile

Registered by Ian Lawrence

A community focused mobile distribution which brings the latest updates from the Ubuntu and KDE worlds to mobile devices.

Blueprint information

Alexander Sack
Ubuntu Liquid Hackers
Rodrigo Belem
Series goal:
Accepted for maverick
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-10.10
Started by
Alexander Sack
Completed by
Alexander Sack

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[asac Jun 10] spec approved; rodrigo, please talk to me if the work items need to be adjusted before we start to track them for this cycle. Thanks!
[asac Jun 10] approved for maverick and activated work items for lucid+1
[asac Jun 10] renamed to arm-m-liquid to keep this on my radar - for technical reasons.
[asac 18-12-09] renamed to get this tracked by mobile burndown
[asac 18-12-09] spec layout is a bit off compared to our standard format. but since this is a "community" spec thats fine. Approving.
[asac 15-01-10] adding work item with persia assigned to keep this spec on new team work tracker: http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
[asac Jun 10] uploaded uxlaunch ... its now in NEW queue ... just in case you might need it. Could be that we need to adapt it to work nicely with kde stuff.
[asac Jun 10] alpha 3 planning. moved kde-pim 4.5 to overall cycle as I was told that this comes late at best.
[asac Aug] live-helper branch is up

linaro-handset-plasma seed in archive, Next: enable images

Work items (maverick-alpha-2):
[rbelem] Package the mobile-plasma shell: DONE
[rbelem] Update the mobile-plasma shell to latest upstream release: DONE
[rbelem] Get mobile-plasma shell through REVU in and in the archive: DONE
[rbelem] Make a list of "default" plasmoids: DONE
[asac] Package uxlaunch and put it in the archive: DONE
[asac] Add a uxlaunch-settings-liquid package or equiv. to ensure that liquid desktop gets auto started by uxlaunch: POSTPONE
[kitterman] Create the kubuntu.maverick/mobile seed: DONE
[kitterman] Upload meta package to archive: DONE

Work items (maverick-alpha-3):
[kitterman] Get qmf in the archive: DONE
[kitterman] Get qtmobility in the archive: DONE

Work items (ubuntu-10.10-beta):
[asac] Setup live-helper config to produce liquid images for ARM/linaro: DONE
[rbelem] add a default-settings package: DONE
[persia] get liquid image enabled in ubuntu: DONE
[rbelem] bring kdm with plasma support to archive if this feature lands upstream: POSTPONE
[rbelem] ensure that plasma virtual keyboard is available in kdm for handsets/touchscreens: POSTPONE

Work items:
[rbelem] Create virtual keyboard for Kwin: POSTPONE
evaluate and decide on best way to authenticate using SIM PIN: POSTPONE
implement middleware for SIM PIN auth for KDM - preferably a pam module (and screensaver?): POSTPONE
[rbelem] Figure out what needs to be done to make Kwin more mobile friendly (discuss with upstream kwin maintainer): TODO
[asac] assist liquid team to achieve their maverick goals: DONE
[ianlawrence] Create documentation on how to install on a device: INPROGRESS
[rbelem] Work on reducing the image size: INPROGRESS
Package kde-pim 4.5 module, potentially a svn snapshot in archive or ppa: POSTPONE

Later cycle work items:
Review maverick roadmap for widgets and maybe add more work items to make liquid default experience shinier: POSTPONE
ensure that KDM login is finger friendly (if needed as a plugin): POSTPONE
Add support for plugins in KDM: POSTPONE

Was this ment to be a work item of this spec?
List the packages which are missing in order to have an open source telephony stack (http://www.gnutelephony.org/index.php/GNU_Telephony, http://ofono.org/, http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Gsm)

History from (ubuntu-10.04)

[ianlawrence 26-02-10]: Upstream requested to halt work as plasma mobile is immature and doesn't offer significant advancement over plasma-netbook at this time. Significant improvements are expected soon so this blueprint will be revisited for Lucid +1. Work already completed for the blueprint will be placed in the PPA
[ianlawrence 23-03-10]: After discussions with the upstream plasma-mobile/KDE developers this blueprint has been updated and is reopened for Lucid +1


Work Items