Image Building Console

Registered by Michael Hudson-Doyle

A web console that can be used to request image builds.

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Scott Bambrough
Michael Hudson-Doyle
Needs approval
Michael Hudson-Doyle
Series goal:
Accepted for maverick
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Started by
Scott Bambrough
Completed by
Michael Hudson-Doyle

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Open sourcing of Lexbuilder approved. Security audit complete. Currently making changes to make LexBuilder generic enough for non Canonical deployments.

Work Items (maverick-alpha-3):
[ismith] OEM management approval for open sourcing LexBuilder: DONE
[ismith] Canonical management approval for open sourcing LexBuilder: DONE
[ismith] Select an open source license for the project (AGPLv3): DONE
[ismith] Get license approval from the Linaro TSC: DONE
[mwhudson] Fix bug 582934. Support absolute URL for configuration branch: DONE
[nvalcarcel] Initial security audit: DONE
[cody-somerville] Review code for sensitive OEM material: DONE
[mwhudson] Fix bug 544616:DONE
[cody-somerville] Fix any security audit issues found: DONE
[mwhudson] Fix deployment path. Currently deployed to /srv: POSTPONED
[mwhudson] Fix bug 544609: DONE
[mwhudson] Fix bug 598658. Team access. Currently hard coded to Canonical: DONE

Work items (ubuntu-10.10-beta):
[ismith] Canonical board approval for open sourcing LexBuilder: DONE
[kees] Final security audit.: DONE
[cody-somerville] Fix any security audit issues found: DONE
[mwhudson] Check dependencies for licensing concerns: DONE
[mwhudson] Check if we're carrying patches to dependencies: DONE
[mwhudson] Resolve timezone patch to django issue: DONE
[mwhudson] Decide on dependency management approach (debs/buildout/...): DONE
[mwhudson] Implement dependency management: DONE
[mwhudson] Implement DB schema migration: POSTPONED
[mwhudson] Email addresses for notifications need to be configurable: DONE
[mwhudson] Sources.list passwords: DONE
[mwhudson] Make prefix of distribution channel descriptor a configurable option: DONE
[mwhudson] unify configs (config/lexbuilder.cfg, config/*.config, settings{,_devel,_production}.py) as far as reasonably possible: POSTPONED
[mwhudson] Contents of the notifications must be templated: TODO
[mwhudson] Test lexbuilder with Ubuntu-packaged dependencies: POSTPONED
[mwhudson] Package LexBuilder into slave, master and UI packages: POSTPONED
[mwhudson] Fix bug 429817: POSTPONED
[mwhudson] Fix bug 429806 by setting build name earlier: DONE
[mwhudson] Rewrite notifications: POSTPONED
[mwhudson] Re-theme LexBuilder: POSTPONED

Work items (ubuntu-10.10-rc):
[ismith] Choose a name: DONE
[ismith] Prepare documentation on contribution process for LexBuilder: DONE
[scottb] Prepare documentation for open source release: TODO
[cody-somerville] Set up project hosting on Launchpad: TODO


Work Items

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