Provide debugging symbols for every ELF binary

Registered by Simon Law

Currently, we have no good way of providing debugging symbols to users. Often, we have to ask them to install a -dbg package and reproduce the bugs. This is ugly in quite a few ways.

I propose that we have a separate components for debugging symbol packages. We would then ensure that whenever a binary is stripped, those symbols would get uploaded appropriately to the symbol-archive. GDB is clever enough to look for information there.

This specification is meant to provide infrastructure to support

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Matt Zimmerman
Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt
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Simon Law
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Martin Pitt

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dh_strip wrapper is implemented, initial testsuite available, debug symbol packages work out of the box in gdb after installation.

Soyuz side is not implemented yet. Above time estimation includes 15 mandays required for that and 4 mandays for finishing off dh_strip_wrapper and apt changes.

pitti 20060706: pkg-create-dbgsym is in the archive and now being tested more widely. Reserving 1 day of development for bug fixing, the rest (15 days) is for Soyuz implementation.
Review: looks ok to me if Soyuz folks are as happy as they are promised to be. I have incorporated the Soyuz effort in the time estimate. -iwj 22.6.2006

mdz: approved 2006-06-22

pitti: 20060906: ddebs are created on buildds for quite a while; until proper Soyuz support is available, we will move the ddebs to people.u.c. with the same cowboy method as we used for translation tarballs in the past. This can happen independently from the release cycle

pitti 20060921: implemented people.u.c method, announced:


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